Press Release
OCT 28

Jovaco Celebrates
30 Years of Success

JOVACO Solutions, a leader in management solutions in Quebec, recently celebrated 30 years in business. When JOVACO was founded in 1983, the objectives were to provide customized consulting services implementation and optimization of management solutions in Quebec .

What began as a standard financial management system for hardware firms, quickly changed focus to a project management solution for professional service firms. 30 years later, this system now includes a wide range of modules such as; web-based time and expense module, extensive reporting and a resource planning tool. Another important evolution was the integration of a CRM practice in order to provide customers with additional tools to manage every aspect of their business.

To celebrate 30 years of JOVACO, the company has decided to rejuvenate its brand and do a complete overhaul of the website. “It was very important for us that our new logo and website highlight the spirit of JOVACO and they convey the specifics of the business: the harmony and continuity, both in terms of relationships with our clients, our breath of services and our values​​” says Jonatan Coutu, MBA, General Manager at JOVACO.

“The aim was also to show that after 30 years of business , the company has never been so young. We Met our goals. Like the logo , the new Web site is clean , young and attractive . We hope that each of our employees and partners as much as we appreciate what they see.”