JOVACO’s Resolutions for 2021

by Valerie Coutu
January 14, 2021

2020 is finally behind us! The past year was challenging for all of us: businesses have had to adapt and evolve, and our approach to work has changed. At JOVACO, we’ve learned a lot from this trial, and have become closer as a team. As such, we want to kick off the year on the right foot! Here are JOVACO’s resolutions for 2021!

Resolution #1: Put in place initiatives that represent our values

JOVACO has evolved over the years and this is why we’re still here today, more than 37 years later! However, it’s important for us to keep sight of who we are. Last year, we took the time to revaluate our values, namely authenticity, humanism, reliability, and know-how. In 2021, we want these values to be at the heart of our hiring process. Applicants will be selected based not only on their technical competences but also their values and personal skills. We also start off 2021 by welcoming our new Director Talent & Culture, Jennifer Humblet! We are very pleased with this addition to our team and confident she will take the initiatives started in 2020 to the next level.

Resolution #2: Continue to learn and redefine our organization

In 2020, we began the implementation of a brand-new business methodology within our organization, EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). Despite the hardships we faced last year, it paid off, and we’ve seen some huge positive changes. This structure has allowed us to overcome our challenges and improve collaboration within our team. We want to continue building up on this by implementing the advice of our coach, Georges Haddad. To follow up on the book Good to Great, JOVACO’s management will also attend a conference by author Jim Collins, The Roadmap to Greatness, on February 17 to learn more.

Resolution #3: Support our employees with their professional development

We will keep organizing inspiring conferences and training sessions for our employees and accompany them so they have the role that best corresponds to their competences and goals. Last year, they benefitted from opportunities to work on themselves by discussing various topics. We also want to maximize the use of the Atman Co platform and exchange with our employees individually so they can thrive. These measures have already had a positive impact on JOVACO, and we want to keep this momentum going.

Resolution #4: Give our teams the opportunity to exchange and grow closer

JOVACO’s work environment is what makes our strength. After the shift to remote work, it was essential for us to recreate this atmosphere online. Despite the distance, we’ve actually grown closer as a team thanks to several measures. We want to maintain the virtual coffees allowing employees to exchange regularly with each other and members of the management team. We also want to maintain our various virtual activities: breakfast meetings, quarterly conversations, lunch and learn sessions, talk shows, poker nights, trivia and bingo lunches, etc. Of course, we also hope to come up with new activities!

Resolution #5: Strengthen our network and our relationships

The last of JOVACO’s resolutions is to keep building partnerships and strengthening our existing relationships. Our business network is already well established and includes TEC Canada, the Réseau des femmes d’affaires du Québec, and the Quebec Technology Association. We also want to create partnerships with external firms to achieve our vision and provide our clients with the best solutions currently available. We want JOVACO to shape the future of ERP and CRM business management solutions, especially for project-based firms.

These are JOVACO’s resolutions and commitments for this year! Your organization has business resolutions of its own? Don’t hesitate to share them with us so we can help you make them a reality!

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