NOV 01

JOVACO congratulates the 300 most important SMBs in Quebec

November 1st, 2016

The newspaper Les Affaires has published a Ranking of the 300 most important SMBs in Quebec (available in French only) in its October 24 issue, and JOVACO was proud to find several of its clients among them, most notably in the professional services industry.

The businesses featured in the ranking have at most 300 employees and span a number of different industries. As JOVACO’s client base mostly consists of professional services firms (in various fields such as engineering, construction, IT, etc.), the proportion of JOVACO’s clients account for more than 10% of the total number of professional services firms listed in the ranking.

This shows well the extent to which JOVACO is committed to supporting professional services firms in Quebec by providing robust management tools to help them achieve their business objectives. Since our financial, customer relationship and project management applications are flexible and scalable, organizations of all sizes can adapt and modify their system along with their growth, ensuring that their solution evolves together with their business and operations. Moreover, our bilingual team allows us to offer our services to businesses in and outside Quebec in the language of their choice and to provide them with support and customer service that exceed their expectations.

This ranking is also testament to the important presence that JOVACO has had within the professional services industry over the past 30 years. We hope to see more and more of our customers in such rankings in the future and are proud of the efforts and audacity of Quebec SMBs.