OCT 13

Microsoft’s offer continues to evolve with Dynamics 365

October 13, 2016

Microsoft announced on October 11 during a live-stream event yesterday the upcoming launch on November 1 of its new cloud-based, purpose-built platform, Dynamics 365. It will serve as one gateway from which any task or workflow can be started, connecting both the user interface and data for a simplified CRM experience.

Dynamics 365 is the next evolution of Microsoft Dynamics CRM as it is known today. The new platform widens Microsoft’s CRM offer by combining modules traditionally built into Dynamics CRM such as sales, marketing and customer service with financial applications and more, all into one single interface. Making use of integrated intelligence and insight as well as AI assistants, Dynamics 365 fulfills a new vision that allows users to enjoy an intuitive, integrated cloud-based CRM solution or even a seamless combination of CRM and ERP modules. It will continue to integrate to Dynamics GP, or any other ERP solution, as well as to Office 365 and other widely used business applications to improve usability.

As explained by Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of the Cloud and Enterprise group in Microsoft, taking advantage of the cloud solution translates to improved agility and cost savings for businesses. Dynamics 365 is purpose-built and scalable: users have the option to move certain business processes to the cloud at first or implement only certain modules from Microsoft’s new application marketplace AppSource, which was launched this past summer. As needs grow, other applications can be selected and implemented seamlessly with the others within the existing solution to create a unified experience and common application platform.

That said, Microsoft stressed that they are still committed to their existing products and customers, and as such, customers will in no way be forced to move to the cloud. However, as more and more businesses are looking to make the move to a cloud-based, integrated solution, Microsoft believes it is important to make this option available to them since for many this represents a trigger point from which they can move to new possibilities.

As this new vision is in alignment with JOVACO’s own, we were thrilled to learn about these upcoming changes and possibilities. We will keep our customers aware of developments in the coming days and weeks as more information becomes available.