JAN 20

Microsoft Power BI Dashboards Now Included in JOVACO’s Solutions

January 20th, 2017

JOVACO Solutions is excited to now include a set of Microsoft Power BI dashboards in its solutions to bring you the latest and most robust business intelligence tools from Microsoft. These powerful dashboards can greatly improve your efficiency and visibility onto your operations and business. Completely customizable, they can be tailored to meet your specific business needs and make the data that you require easily available. This tool allows you to create a wide variety of graphics, charts and diagrams that are at your disposal for you to display the information just the way you need it.

JOVACO prides itself in its ability to remain up to date with new technologies and trends, and Power BI dashboards are one such tool that we are happy to now provide to our clients. Its extended features make it easy to import, manipulate and view data, opening up many possibilities in the visualization of your data, ensuring that the information you require is available at a glance for you to quickly make informed business decisions.

Previously programmers were required to develop reports for you to get the data you need, but with Microsoft Power BI, you can set up these dashboards yourself. You no longer need to sort through lengthy generic reports that have been exported to Excel and then massage the data to get the information that you’re looking for. This new tool makes data more visual for your managers as they can review their dashboards in real time and from any desktop or mobile device. This application also offers the flexibility to tailor these dashboards and data to your different groups. This way they will have access to the information they need, sorted how they need it, be it by client, region or other company-specific KPIs.

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