MAY 15

A New Beginning for a Professional Services Firm

May 15, 2017

JOVACO recently oversaw the launch of a client’s new business management solution on May 1. A professional services firm of about 50 employees called on our expertise for the implementation of an integrated system for the management of resource placement (both permanent and temporary), its expertise centre and other services offered by the firm. Its legacy system could be used to look up candidates but could not handle opportunity tracking. Moreover, the system was not integrated, resulting in numerous double entries and errors.

As such, JOVACO’s mandate was to implement our project management solution, JOVACO Project Suite, and integrate it to customer and financial data. With TEDI, our Web-based timesheet, as well as our human resources and project opportunity management modules, the firm can now manage the entirety of its operations from a single system. Several processes were also automated thanks to workflows, namely the deployment of project structures and the creation of freelancers when an opportunity is won, allowing for the generation of invoices and payroll, as well as facilitating the processing of the various types of opportunities.

While an adaptation period is always expected, the firm is already enjoying a substantial decrease in double entries and errors. Its efficiency has also greatly increased. Since modifications are now reflected throughout the entire system in real time, employees always have access to up-to-date information. JOVACO’s experts are currently working on adding new functionalities so that the firm’s employees can enjoy better visibility on upcoming workloads to optimize planning.

To find out more about our products, visit our product pages for JOVACO Project Suite and TEDI.