SEP 01

New features now available for JOVACO’s accounting solution

September 1st, 2016

JOVACO is proud to announce that new features have been made available for its solution for accounting firms. We strive to continuously innovate and go beyond our customers’ expectations, and these will allow them to fully exploit the capabilities of their solution and optimize their operations. Designed for and based on the Microsoft Dynamics stack of products, this solution has been in constant evolution since its initial launch in 2012, thanks to our sustained efforts.

The following features are now available, among others:

  • Mandate Budgeting and Resource Planning
    It is now possible to budget and allocate resources to your mandates with even more precision. Your resources can then view the mandates that have been allocated to them from within their timesheet.
  • Automatic Opening of Recurring Mandates
    Manage your activities even more efficiently by having the ability to create final invoices and to automatically open recurring mandates. This speeds up and improves your processes so that you don’t have to enter the same information again.
  • Reserves Management and Calculation of Profits and Losses
    Advanced functionalities were added to allow for an improved management of reserves and more precise calculations of mandate profits and losses, resulting in better control of your mandates.
  • Additional Timesheet Functionalities
    Comments and attachments can be added to simplify your invoicing process and provide supporting documents to your clients.
  • New Invoicing Modes
    Additional invoicing modes are now available, and it is now possible to send invoices by email. As such, you can enjoy even more flexibility in order to meet any request or condition on the part of your clients.

For more information about the new features of our solution for accounting firms and what it can bring to your organization, register to one or more of our upcoming Webinars about three of its different aspects.