MAY 04

New Possibilities with JOVACO for Project Manufacturing

May 4, 2017

JOVACO works hard to continuously improve its products and offer solutions that leverage the latest technologies and best practices. Over the past two years, multiple improvements have been brought to our project manufacturing solution to provide our clients with more flexibility and possibilities.

Among the many new features brought to our solution, we find the integration of our planning solution to the manufacturing process, making it possible to establish precise timelines, evaluate the impact of a project on current planning and react more quickly to changes. Features were also added to the data collection module to provide the production manager/foreperson with a real-time view on current activities.

JOVACO for Project Manufacturing helps you administer your manufacturing projects more efficiently by managing the entire manufacturing cycle, procurement process, activity planning and data collection, while being supported by cost analyses that are both thorough and flexible. As such, manufacturing organizations can take advantage of a fully integrated, flexible system, perfectly adapted to the realities of project design and manufacturing, which often involves numerous changes throughout projects.

JOVACO is proud to offer Quebec manufacturing firms an efficient and flexible solution that allows them to improve their processes and close the technological gap that exists in Quebec. We are also available to provide information about the various financial aid programs that are available to you. For more information, read our article about the financial aid and tax credits available to Quebec SMBs for the optimization of their business with ERP and CRM management systems.