APR 26

JOVACO Currently Developing a Specific Management Solution for Production Companies

April 26, 2017

JOVACO is now entering the critical stage in the development of a vertical solution designed to meet the specific needs of companies in the TV and movie production industry. This solution is being developed at the request of a client, and the go-live is planned for May 2017.

This new management solution is adapted to meet the unique needs and realities of the entertainment industry by ensuring a centralized management of payroll, fees and travel expenses for resources involved in the production of TV series, movies and tours, offered in the jargon of this industry.

It also facilitates the management of agreements and contracts for the various freelancers working under unions such as the UDA, AQTIS and CQGCR, to name only a few. Moreover, the solution allows for the centralized input of hourly timesheets for production days, the creation and management of production budgets as well as the real-time tracking of their progress.

With this new solution, JOVACO continues to develop specialized products that help firms meet their specific challenges by giving them tools tailored to the realities of their industry. We at JOVACO intend to continue providing our clients with products that call upon our expertise and capacity to identify and meet their needs.