JOVACO Project

Official Launch of TEDI.5

September 6, 2016


JOVACO Solutions Inc. is thrilled to announce the launch of TEDI.5, the latest version of our fully integrated, Web-based Time and Expense Module.

“As a timesheet application that is both robust and flexible, TEDI showcases best the reach of JOVACO’s skills in terms of integration and development,” says Jonatan Coutu, MBA, General Manager of JOVACO Solutions. “We’re proud to say that the new version goes above and beyond its previous capabilities while still retaining an intuitive and user-friendly interface and its functionalities.”

New features will be available to enhance the interface and usability of TEDI, among which the following:

  • New HTML5 Interface
    Now based on HTML5, the interface has been completely redesigned for improved performance and compatibility. It is now responsive, streamlined and intuitive on top of boasting a clean, modern look.
  • Favorites and Recents
    Recurrences are still available, but favorites and recents were added to facilitate the entry of time and expenses into project lines that have either been designated as favorites or used in the past month. Users can simply pick those lines from a list without having to search for them again.
  • Planned Activity View from within the Timesheet
    Resources can now view the activities and tasks that have been allocated to them directly from within their timesheet. Planned and revised times as well as estimated time to complete can also be viewed, and resources can adjust the latter so that managers are aware of any discrepancies.
  • Revamped Expense Management
    The expense management interface has been completely redesigned to allow for more flexibility and ease of use.
  • Additional Features
    Other functionalities have been added, such as automated saves and exchange rate conversions, to further increase the usability of the timesheet.

We strive to keep improving upon the features and usability of TEDI as it is our most user-facing application. This new version achieves exactly that. Fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP and Project Suite, JOVACO’s project management solution, TEDI allows firms and organizations of all kinds to track their time and expenses in real time for more informed business decisions and better control of their operations.

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