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JOVACO Project for Accounting Firms provides a robust platform from which you can manage all your clients and mandates. As most professional services firms base their success on the strength of their associates’ business contacts and relationships, this solution was built on the powerful CRM platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement to meet the specific needs of legal and accounting firms and to support their business growth. By centralizing all client and mandate information, this fully integrated application suite offers a 360° view of your mandates and ensures that all members of your organization can offer the outstanding service clients have come to expect.


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Have all your information on hand

With centralized data, everyone across your organization has access to one version of the truth. Mandates, invoices, WIPs as well as client files and communications can be accessed from a single source updated in real time, for improved visibility on mandates and clients to ensure a continuously high level of service.

Find the right resources for your mandates

Search resources by role, competencies, experience, certifications, languages or other criteria to find the best match for a given mandate. The integration to the planning module then lets you verify their availability and assign them to a task or project to ensure that mandates are completed quickly and efficiently.

Improve resource utilization and productivity rates

Review billable hours and availabilities for a better understanding of your staff members’ performance and utilization rates. The planning tool allows you to visualize their availabilities and assignments to better plan hiring, optimize workloads, and budget and track billable hours.

Streamline and optimize processes

Workflows improve the efficiency of your associates by automating certain processes, such as mandate creation and budget approval. Track mandates and various services more efficiently. Standardize tasks related to invoicing and reduce delays by
facilitating the completion of all tasks performed throughout your organization.




360° view of your clients and client groups

Associates can review mandate progress, global profitability, and client profitability at a glance. Keener insights into your clients’ services can let you better understand their needs and for you to tailor your offer to exceed their expectations and maximize their loyalty and satisfaction.


Quick, easy mandate creation and tracking

Automate mandate creation based on specific criteria with the possibility to include a risk management and quality control process. An integrated timesheet lets you review hours worked on mandates in real time as staff members enter them for optimal visibility on mandate progress and profitability.


Flexible and personalized invoicing methods

Different invoice templates can be modified to retain the branding of your organization and combined to meet client requirements. Select the appropriate rates and invoicing methods according to the situation. Invoice mandates partially or in full and redistribute time on current mandates as required.


Optimization of utilization and productivity

A view on resource availability and assigned mandates lets you optimize productivity and utilization rates. The solution also allows you to budget your staff’s billable hours then compare them to current hours for better insight into their performance levels.


Integrated timesheets and expense reports

The full integration between timesheets and mandates provides associates with real-time information about hours worked without having to ask the accounting team to share these reports. This information is calculated in real time as staff members enter their hours, offering associates optimal visibility onto their mandates and WIPs.


Full integration to your financial system

JOVACO Project for Accounting Firms is fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP, allowing you to manage your entire business from a single solution. The profitability of each service and associate can be tracked as data is updated in real time.

Modules for the JOVACO Project for Accountings Firms solution

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