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JOVACO POP, our brand-new Project Operations Platform, offers all the tools and data you need for the operational management of your projects. Track project progress, create estimates and analyze your projects from a single streamlined and user-friendly platform fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics and JOVACO Project solutions. JOVACO POP facilitates the interaction between operations and finances by providing project managers all the data they need without having to request it from the administration.

Benefit from our project operations platform to build accurate project estimates and use this same data to create your projects. Once the estimate has been approved, the project structure is created automatically in JOVACO Project and Microsoft Dynamics GP. You can then track your project in real time as employees fill out their timesheets. JOVACO POP also provides relevant data updated automatically with clear and concise reports.



Improve project control

Enjoy global visibility on project progress and obtain the level of detail you need. You can track project evolution, resource productivity and budgets in real time. This information facilitates the analysis of your projects, letting you react better in case of unforeseen events and always deliver your projects on time.

Make your project managers autonomous

Project managers can make modifications and obtain all the data they need without having to make the request to other teams. They can make modifications to reflect change requests and budget modifications by themselves. This facilitates their tasks by giving them more control over the projects that fall under their responsibility.

Facilitate access to data

Personalized security levels let project managers access the data relevant to them, displayed based on their needs, roles, and preferences. This information can also be shared easily to other users in various formats. This improves collaboration and communication, and increases synergy across your organization.

Make better business decisions

Our project operations platform puts at your disposal clear and concise reports, providing access to data that is relevant and automatically updated in real time. This lets you exploit the wealth of data stored in your system and obtain all the information you need to make quick, informed business decisions.

Take your data analysis capabilities to the next level

Combine the strengths of JOVACO POP and Microsoft Power BI

The business intelligence application Microsoft Power BI is a powerful tool that takes your data analysis and visualization capabilities to the next level, uncovering new insights to drive your business. Dashboards, diagrams and charts are entirely customizable to adapt to the specific needs of your various teams, while the cloud-based, user-friendly interface provides easy access to your data from anywhere.




Estimates based on your project structures

Estimates can be created from scratch or from a project template, allowing you to easily remove or add levels and sublevels as needed. They can also be created by using the project structures already set up in JOVACO Project and Dynamics GP.


Automated project creation

Once the estimate has been approved, the project is created and the structure is deployed automatically just as it was set up in the estimate. The detail of estimated hours and expenses is also transferred to the project cost module. Manual processes are eliminated, preserving data integrity and facilitating project creation.


Optimal visibility on project progress

Stay up to date on the status and progress of your projects in real time. Project managers can seamlessly share their actual project progress with the invoicing team. This ensures the project is being billed efficiently and correctly based on the percentage completed to date.


Project tracking in real time

The integration to project resources and budgets lets you track estimates, actuals and billables more accurately thanks to real-time reports. This lets you make quick decisions to avoid cost overruns. You can also ensure the satisfaction of your clients with estimates that are closer to actual costs every time.


Real-time project reports

Review and share clear and concise web reports for optimal project control. You can track project profitability, budget progress and resource productivity with accuracy. These reports can also be exported in various formats and sent automatically to track your projects in real time.


Integration to Dynamics 365

JOVACO POP puts a streamlined interface at your disposal, accessible by itself or through your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution, letting you access sales and business development data from the user-friendly interface of the CRM. This accelerates the process and the flow of information while also reducing the risk of errors.

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