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Deliver projects on time, on budget and within scope with JOVACO Project Cost, a project accounting solution fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP and built on its robust accounting capabilities. It provides all the tools you need to manage project budgets, multiple billing rates, costs and invoicing, all from a single application. Flexible enough to accommodate any project structure and capture the information you need for a better understanding of your business.

Take advantage of this powerful project accounting solution to manage the entire lifecycle of your projects with real-time visibility on progress, profitability and hours worked. JOVACO Project Cost provides enhanced control over all your projects, no matter how complex.


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Benefit from real-time project data

Thanks to the integration between JOVACO Project, Dynamics GP and timesheets, project data is updated in real time and available across the entire system. Costs and revenue are captured and automatically allocated to the appropriate project for more accurate reporting and forecasts.

Manage all projects from a single solution

Manage the entirety of your projects, whether simple or complex, from one single platform to deliver them all on time and on budget. Create projects with an unlimited number of levels and cost categories, and use various invoicing methods to meet all the different project combinations possible.

Optimize resource utilization rates

Automate markups between departments and companies to take full advantage of the talent found through your entire organization. Promote interdepartmental resource lending by allocating costs to the lending department to better manage employee workload and ensure that your teams are working at full capacity at all times.

Accelerate your invoicing cycle

The allocation of time and information pertaining to projects are automated, ensuring that real-time data is available across the entire system. Advanced invoicing capabilities and customizable templates let you meet any client requirement or project structure by combining invoice types and billing projects partially or in their entirety.




Project control in real time

Manage the entire lifecycle of all your projects from one application. Create and track all external and internal projects with an unlimited number of project levels and cost categories for better control of your projects and quick, informed business decisions.


20+ predefined reports

Generate reports in real time to evaluate the progress and profitability of your projects. Project managers and team members alike have access to the levels relevant to their tasks and responsibilities for better visibility over project progress and profitability and relevant activities.


Full integration to Dynamics GP

JOVACO Project is fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP modules to facilitate the allocation of costs and revenue to your projects as well as to ensure access to accurate, up-to-date financial and project data, available in real time across your entire business management solution.


Various invoicing methods

Mix and match various invoicing methods (fixed-fee, time and material, actuals to date) within the same invoice or project to meet any project structure or client requirement. Invoice projects partially or in their entirety and generate invoices across multiple projects or companies to meet all possible scenarios.


Multi-company and multicurrency

Project Cost supports complex project structures that can include several currencies and multiple companies. You can view data and invoice clients in the currency of your choice, and leverage work groups that belong to other companies across your organization.


Optimized planning and scheduling

With better insights into availability, productivity and workload, you can optimize the utilization rates of your staff members. Resources can also review their tasks and priorities directly from their timesheet and update the estimated time to complete for better estimates.

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