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JOVACO Project, our powerful project management solution, is now available directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to provide a 360° view of your projects in real time. Our connector harnesses the capabilities of your CRM solution to let you create your own project dashboards based on real-time financial information pulled from Microsoft Dynamics GP. Thanks to the familiar, user-friendly interface of Dynamics 365, project managers and other resources can access all the information they need to manage their projects, ensuring that they are completed within the agreed timeframes and on budget.

Project managers can automatically deploy new projects with the correct structure as soon as the deal is won, then track the evolution in real time. All relevant client files and communications can be accessed from a single, unified interface, while customizable role-based security and automated business processes improve efficiency across your organization.


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Improve access to project information

Project managers can follow up on project progress and profitability by accessing centralized information directly from the CRM. Everyone involved in the project can perform their tasks from Microsoft Dynamics 365, reducing the time spent switching between applications to look up client details.

Leverage the interface of your CRM

By integrating projects to Microsoft Dynamics 365, users can take advantage of the same familiar, user-friendly interface they are already using. Its flexibility and customization capabilities allow users to meet their specific requirements and project management practices for an experience tailored to their individual preferences and needs.

Contextualize project data

Microsoft Dynamics 365 lets project managers display their data in a way to best meet their needs for increased visibility. Contextualized reports ensure you receive real-time project information, while project-specific dashboards and KPIs allow you to review information at a glance to stay up to date on the latest project details.

Streamline and standardize your processes

An automated business process guides users through the entire project lifecycle. New projects can be created directly from the CRM, while the necessary information is then pushed to the financial system. By standardizing and streamlining the entire process, you obtain a better understanding of project status and activities.




Improved project management

Projects can automatically be created from the CRM as soon as they are won, while access to project information can be tailored to specific users’ needs and responsibilities. Changes and modifications become available in real time across the entire system, providing a true, accessible picture of your organization’s projects.


Customizable views and dashboards

Members of the management team have all the project information they need without having to request it from the administrative team. The customization capabilities of the CRM let you use views and dashboards to display contextualized information for quick review and assessment of a project’s status.


Attachments and comments

All files and information relevant to a project can be accessed easily from the CRM with comments, notes and attachments. Contracts, communications exchanged with clients and other ad hoc files are all available within the CRM, ensuring that everyone has up-to-date project information on hand.


Optimized resource planning

Project managers can search for resources based on competences, then assign them to specific tasks and projects. Visibility on resource workload allows them to review at a glance who is working on which project and when to maximize utilization and ensure that projects are completed on time.


Project reports and health cards

Obtain the level of detail you need in just a few clicks. Several contextualized, project-specific reports are available out of the box to provide all the information project managers need. Project health cards are also available, offering a snapshot of KPIs in real time, adjusted based on organizational targets.


Standardized business processes

The different phases of the project cycle are outlined in an automated business process, highlighting progress through each phase of the project and guiding users through the remaining steps. Users know at a glance what their next step is, standardizing and facilitating the process across your organization.

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