Streamline and manage your entire manufacturing cycle

In an environment as fast-paced as project manufacturing, the right people need to have access to the right information at the right time, both at the financial and operational levels. Fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics solutions, JOVACO Project Manufacturing helps you with your entire manufacturing cycle, from creating precise cost estimates to analyzing the profitability of your projects with accuracy. At the heart of the solution is a fully integrated process, allowing you to track work orders, operations, purchases and costs accurately. This helps increase your organization’s productivity, avoid cost overruns and establish more precise timelines, ensuring timely project delivery and client satisfaction.


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Manage your entire manufacturing cycle

Manage all aspects of your manufacturing cycle with a single solution to optimize the tracking of work orders, streamline your operations and supply chain, and reduce your direct and indirect costs. This ensures better visibility, quicker reaction times, and increased productivity and profitability.

Obtain better project control

Know in advance how new projects will affect current operations. Plan your production in real time, establish precise schedules and optimize resource utilization. Advanced features such as planning and scheduling (APS) and resource leveling let you adjust planning based on bottlenecks, priorities and due dates.

Ensure client satisfaction

JOVACO Project Manufacturing provides all the tools you need to deliver projects on time and on budget. Give precise estimates and accurate delivery dates to clients thanks to improved insight into project progress. Have the visibility and flexibility you need to meet any client requirement and react quickly to changes.

Reduce delays and production costs

Streamline your various processes to increase efficiency across your entire manufacturing cycle and decrease production costs. Ensure that labor costs are tracked and allocated to the right projects with integrated timesheets. Group together various purchases to save both time and money at the procurement stage.




Manufacturing cycle management

Build your proposals and track budgets throughout the entire project lifecycle to avoid cost overruns. Ensure the effective tracking of work orders, operations, purchases as well as both direct and indirect costs. Afterwards, allocate costs and purchases to the right projects to maximize their profitability.


Project and work order management

Divide projects into work orders, estimate their value, and automate markup calculations. Benefit from increased visibility on the progress of your various work orders and associated costs to deliver your projects within the agreed timelines and budgets, thanks to a full integration between operations and finances.


Advanced planning and scheduling

Enjoy global visibility on your deadlines for better control of your projects and their progress. Evaluate how they can be affected by new projects that are added to the current workload. Give precise delivery dates to clients thanks to improved insight into the constraints of your production units.


Procurement and purchases

Manage your entire purchase cycle from requisitions to invoicing. Save both time and money by grouping together the purchases for your various projects. Obtain better control on your purchases with the approval process and allocate them to the right projects for better insight into their profitability.


Integrated timesheets

Manage the data collection process for the operations of each work order, and track material and labour costs in real time as they are incurred. The integrated timesheet automatically allocates the time entered by staff members to the right project for optimal visibility on your costs.


After-sales services

Tasks and costs unrelated to manufacturing can also be allocated to projects, ensuring that they are billed to clients as necessary, for example in the case of installations or after-sales services. It also allows you to track costs for each project or work order more efficiently.

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