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Staff planning is an essential part of any project, and JOVACO Project Planning was designed to provide managers with all the tools they need to leverage the full capacity of their teams. Fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP and other JOVACO Project modules, this planning tool ensures real-time access to project data for better visibility into the project’s progress to date and estimated time to completion.

With all the tools at your disposal to plan and assign tasks effectively, you can harness employee productive time and maximize billable hours by optimizing utilization rates and workloads while managing possible staff scheduling conflicts. JOVACO Project Planning is the key to your project management practice, allowing better control on capacity across the entirety of your organization’s projects.


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Gain better insights and projections

Improved visibility into staff capacity lets you plan and assign project tasks and manage project portfolios more efficiently. Data is automatically allocated to the right project for a better understanding of current and future occupation rates, while forecasts take into consideration the actuals to manage your estimate to completion and other key project management KPIs.

Maximize billable hours and productivity

Streamlined scheduling and real-time visibility on resource utilization rates and availability allow you to optimize workloads and ensure that your teams are working at full capacity. With the right tools on hand, you can make more informed decisions, maximize resource utilization, and increase billable hours and project profitability.

Access real-time information

Project managers have access to up-to-date information for a complete view of their project portfolio. Quick adjustments can be made to projects in regards to their critical path and dependencies, thanks to better control and real-time visibility into the estimated time to complete.

Improve communication across projects

The integration between projects, timesheets and financials ensures that everyone across your organization has access to the latest information. Task allocations and estimated time to complete can be modified directly from timesheets, ensuring that both staff members and project managers are always up to date on progress and updates.




Unlimited project levels and complex project structures

Define as many levels as you need to create simple or complex projects. Link each line item with dependencies and targets to determine your critical path and calculate baselines. Review your projects with Gantt chart views and include milestones and other important targets and dates.


Scheduling and workload optimization

Allocate a resource or a group of resources to specific activities based on their competences and availabilities as well as on current and future project requirements. Adjust and distribute tasks to ensure that your teams are working at full capacity while avoiding overutilization.


Consolidated project views for better visibility

Consolidated views allow you to track multiple projects simultaneously and review staff occupancy rates. Increased visibility on your project portfolio provides a complete picture of your entire organization’s workload, backlog and forecasts.


Task allocation directly from timesheets

Resources can review their tasks and priorities directly from their timesheet. Comments and instructions can be attached to include additional project details, while notifications and reminders can be sent to individual resources or groups to keep them up to date on progress or the hours budget for a project.


Integration to timesheets and financials

The full integration between the project management module, Microsoft Dynamics GP and the timesheets ensure that hours entered into employee timesheets are reflected accurately and in real time through the entire system, ensuring accurate data when reviewing project information or invoicing clients.


Gantt charts and work breakdown structures

Follow up on your projects easily and intuitively with Gantt chart views and detailed work breakdown structures that roll up into your project within the financial system. With optimized visibility on all aspects of projects, managers can ensure they are completed within the agreed timeframes and budgets.

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