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Enjoy better control of operations and projects with TEDI Time and Expense, JOVACO’s web-based timesheet and expense report. Fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP and the project management solution JOVACO Project, it allows organizations of all sizes and industries to track employee time and expenses in real time for quicker decisions and invoicing. With its intuitive interface and web-based access, TEDI lets your staff members fill out their timesheets and expense reports from anywhere and at any time via the mobile device of their choice.

By ensuring that time and expense information flows freely through your system, TEDI improves the entry of project data. In turn, it accelerates your various business processes and reduces the risk of double entries or coding errors, not to mention the time spent gathering and approving timesheets. Maximize billable hours and generate client invoices quickly to improve cash flows with JOVACO Project Time Management.


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Obtain real-time project data

Project information is updated in real time as employees enter their time and expenses into their timesheet. Time information is automatically allocated to projects as employees fill out their timesheets for a real-time view of project progress, while project reports also provide up-to-date activity details.

Invoice your clients faster

The integration between financials, project data and timesheets ensure that time and expense information is automatically coded to the right project, requiring fewer adjustments. Business rules can also be associated to projects, automating markups and billing rates to accelerate your invoicing cycle and to reduce the number of errors.

Improve your cash flows

Invoices are sent in a timelier manner and additional justifications and attachments can be included within the invoice, preventing write-offs and bad debt caused by discrepancies when clients dispute invoices. Less billable time sitting in WIP accounts and more invoices paid in full also mean a consistent increase in cash flow.

Maximize billable hours

The visual, user-friendly interface facilitates the entry of time and expense information by staff members, ensuring that they do so promptly. Your resources are more likely to fill out their timesheets daily, ensuring that all billable hours are reported, reducing profit loss due to forgotten billable activities.

New Feature Available

Leave Request Management

This new feature offers several benefits to the various members of your organization while improving communication and planning. Employees can now place submit a vacation or leave request directly from their timesheet, while supervisors can approve it easily and project managers benefit from enhanced visibility on upcoming staff availability.




Mobile and web-based access

Employees can fill out their timesheets and expense reports via the device of their choice. A mobile version makes it possible to use basic functionalities from anywhere, facilitating accessibility and the user experience as a whole. As such, employees can enter their time and expenses throughout their work week, ensuring timesheets are submitted on time.


Comments and attachments

Employees can add comments or attachments by day or by task to justify expenses or provide more insight into a given task. If even more detail is needed, an in/out timer can also be used, while the estimated time to complete can also be updated directly from the timesheet.


Complete expense reports

The user-friendly interface of our expense reports lets employees enter their expenses as well as the date and currency of the transaction easily. Cost items are already available in the expense report to facilitate data entry, and supporting documents can be attached easily. The mobile version of TEDI even lets users take pictures of their receipts and invoices and attach them to their expense report to expedite the process.


Automated alerts and reminders

No need to send individual reminders anymore. Alerts can be personalized and scheduled based on your specific rules to ensure that employees remember to submit their timesheets and expense reports on time. Just this simple feature drastically cuts down the time needed to gather timesheets.


Multiple-approval capabilities

Timesheets can be approved by a direct supervisor, project manager, or both! Allow different managers to approve, reject, and add comments to the lines assigned to them. Both approvals can be done in parallel within the same application to speed up the approval process and reduce delays.


Task allocation from the timesheet

Managers can allocate tasks directly so that they may be viewed from within an employee’s timesheets. As a result, staff members know at a glance what their tasks and priorities are, which reduces the risk of coding errors and delays since resources just need to only enter the time spent since the details are already in their timesheet.


Leave request management

Employees can submit a vacation or leave request directly from their timesheet, while supervisors can track requests and approve or reject them easily. This feature also provides improved visibility on resource availability, improving communication across the various members of your organization and facilitating planning for both supervisors and project managers.


Access to payslips and benefits

Reduce administrative costs by providing employees with self-service access to payslips and accumulated benefits, including vacation days, overtime hours, and banked time. Reports also provide project managers with real-time visibility on project progress and billable hours as employees fill out this information.

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