Take your business to the next level with an integrated solution

Make the most out of a robust management solution

JOVACO Suite is a project management solution that puts at your disposal all the tools that you need to better control your operations and standardize your processes. As a module-based solution, it allows you to incorporate into your business management system the modules you need to perform your current tasks and operations, while also offering the possibility to add more as your requirements and business grow.

Our solution is designed for businesses that are looking for an exhaustive, integrated solution dedicated to project management. Made to meet the needs of various professional services firms, its numerous functionalities allow organizations of all sizes to track multiple projects and share information or resources between their companies and departments, ensuring that projects are delivered within the agreed timeframes, budgets and scope.

5 reasons
to choose

Improved visibility on your costs and revenue
Easily track your costs, revenue and the progress of your projects. Thanks to the integration between the project control module and Microsoft Dynamics GP, you have the right tools on hand to manage both simple and complex projects with an unlimited number of levels and categories. You can track the status of your various projects in real time and analyze your performance by department or by project.
A timesheet and expense report integrated to financials
With a timesheet and expense report application fully integrated to your financial system, you reduce the time required by your resources to enter their time and expenses, reducing the risk of forgotten billable hours. The timesheet offers a Web-based time entry and makes it possible for your resources to add comments and attach files by task and by day. It also facilitates the approval process by your project managers and department heads.
More precise tracking of your daily activities
JOVACO Suite puts at your disposal all the tools that you need to track key information in real time. Make quick decisions thanks to detailed reports. Access data that is updated in real time at all times. Automate report submission and use them to track efficiently the progress of your projects and the productivity of your resources, while also respecting budgets and timelines.
Shorter invoicing cycle
The solution connects your operations to your finances to allow you to generate invoices directly from Microsoft Dynamics GP and resolve any invoicing issues more rapidly. Take advantage of different revenue recognition methods and personalize your invoice templates using Microsoft Word. This makes it possible to meet any invoicing requirements on the part of your clients and ease the burden on your accounting department, while also reducing the risk of discrepancies.
Improved resource planning and control
JOVACO Suite allows you to manage your resources by department or by project to optimize your scheduling and obtain a better tracking of costs and deadlines. Allocate resources to tasks for a given timeframe more efficiently. Automatically calculate the workload of your employees with views, Gantt charts and reports, and leverage the bidirectional integration to the timesheet to allocate time and expense information directly to the appropriate projects.