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Meet all the human ressources needs

Fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics 365, JOVACO Suite puts at your disposal all the tools you need to manage the entirety of your organization’s human resources. It groups together and secures all information related to your personnel, salaries and trainings within a single application.

As such, you don’t need to juggle with multiple spreadsheets and documents: certifications, competences, promotions, salaries and relevant dates can be reviewed and updated easily with employee cards that group all this information together. Customizable views allow you to display employee data by competence, location or department, allowing you to quickly find the resource who is most qualified for a given task. Afterwards, the integration to the resource planning and control module makes it possible to allocate tasks and activities to available resources. The solution also allows you to manage positions, trainings and classes, not to mention salaries, insurances, vacations and holidays. All your human resource needs are handled by a simple, intuitive module completely integrated to your business management system.

Why manage your human resources with JOVACO Suite?


Have all your information at your fingertips

Ensure that all data about your resources are easily accessible with a module that centralizes and organizes all information into complete records. Employee details such as job and salary history, competencies, banks of hours, insurance and certifications can be reviewed with a few simple clicks.


Find the right resources for the right projects

The JOVACO Suite human resources module allows you to search resources by role, competencies, experience, certifications, languages or any other criteria so that you can find resources that best fit the needs for a given mandate. The integration to the resource planning module allows you to verify their availability and to assign them to a task or a project.


Take advantage of a customizable and flexible solution

Like the rest of JOVACO Suite, the human resources module can be personalized to fit your specific needs. Configure role-based security levels to ensure the confidentiality of your resource data. Automate processes using workflows, such as the welcome process when hiring a new resource.


Reduce the time required for administrative tasks

With access to centralized data and an integration to the Payroll module in Microsoft Dynamics GP, your administrative team has all the information it needs to complete its tasks. Wage rates can be automatically calculated according to the activities performed, and details about insurance, holidays, time off and leaves are available for quick reference.

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Key product features

Resource search capabilities

The system allows you to search resources by competencies, languages, experience or any other criteria, so that you can find the most qualified person to perform a given task. Integration with the resource planning and control module gives you the capability to review the utilization rates and schedule of your resources so you can assign someone that is available to do the work.

Centralized resource data

Employee cards group all the information about your resources so that you can have it on hand at all times. For each employee, you can review the competencies, certifications, job and salary history, work languages and any other pertinent details, as well as manage holidays, leaves and banks of hours. All the data is updated in real time and presented in an intuitive interface so that you can easily find what you require.

Evaluation tools and training management

Department supervisors and managers have the right tools to evaluate the performance of their resources, and trainers can track and manage the training and courses they offer as well as the resources that participate in them. All courses that resources complete are recorded in their file and thus offer an overview of their certifications and qualifications.

Role-based configurable security levels

With flexible, role-based security, you can make sure that members of your organization have access only to the data that is relevant to their responsibilities and tasks. This way, they are able to access the details they need to complete their work without compromising the confidentiality of your resources’ information.

Workflows and customization possibilities

Like other JOVACO Suite products, the human resources module is flexible and designed to adapt to the specific realities of your business. Several customization options allow you to tailor the solution to your actual needs, while workflows automate certain processes to facilitate the work of your HR team. Reports can be configured to provide key resources with any information they need.

Full integration to Microsoft Dynamics

JOVACO Suite is fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP. The HR module is integrated to the Payroll module in Dynamics GP so that payroll data is directly reflected in the employee file. All information is thus always up to date and accessible across your entire management system.

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Benefits for all members of your organization


JOVACO Suite gives management a real-time view on all processes and operations of the organization, including human resources. This way, executive directors can easily remain aware of extended absences or leaves, employee and position turnover rates as well as salary ranges.

Human Resources Manager

The complete solution provides the HR manager with a centralized work tool that is specifically adapted for the company’s processes. Positions, salaries, absences, welcome process, certifications: everything can be tracked and managed from a single module.

Department Manager

Department managers can benefit from a view on all the employees under their responsibility. The HR module also facilitates the employee evaluation process, the management of salary ranges and increases and the access to employee information through centralized records.

Project Managers

Project managers can use the search functions in the solution to find qualified resources for a specific project. The integration to other modules in JOVACO Suite, including the planning and control module, allows them to see when resources are available to they can assign them to a task or activity.

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