for Practice Management

Suite JOVACO for Practice Management can be integrated to your existing systems to offer a flexible and scalable platform from which all your activities can be completed. By centralizing all your information, this application suite offers a 360° view of your clients and allows you to open mandates and follow up on your WIPs from anywhere and at anytime on the web. As such, you can manage the complete lifecycle of your customer relation, from opportunity to invoicing, with a single solution.

Most professional services firms base their success on the strength of their associates’ business contacts and relationships. A solution specifically designed for practice management and based on a CRM platform is the perfect system to ensure and support the growth of your business. It provides a global view of your mandates and clients from a single intuitive, user-friendly interface. You can optimize resource utilization with a view on their availabilities and competences, accelerate your invoicing cycle, and ensure that all members of your organization have access to the information that they need to offer world-class service to your clients.

Why manage your professional services with JOVACO Suite?


Have all your information on hand

JOVACO Suite for Practice Management centralizes your data within a single solution, ensuring that all your resources have access to the information that they need when they need it. Everyone has access to the same version of the truth through your entire business. Mandates, invoices, WIPs as well as client files and communications can be accessed from a single source updated in real time, offering your associates improved visibility on their mandates and clients so that they can provide an even better service.


Accelerate your invoicing cycle

With a full integration, information becomes available in real time throughout the entire system. This reduces manual data entry, the risk of errors and double entries, and back-and-forth communications between your associates and accounting team. You can invoice your clients more quickly, thus improving your cashflows and reducing the risk of write-offs and bad debt. Invoice templates can also be combined to meet all criteria for the different services that you offer.


Improve resource utilization and productivity rates

Obtain a better understanding of your staff members’ performance and utilization rates by reviewing billable hours and availabilities. A resource planning tool also allows you to visualize their availabilities and assignments to better plan hiring and optimize utilization rates as well as budget and track billable hours.


Streamline and optimize your processes

Workflows improve the efficiency of your associates in their daily tasks by automating certain processes, such as mandate creation and budget approval. Optimize the tracking of mandates and of the various services offered by your firm. Standardize tasks related to invoicing activities and reduce delays by facilitating the completion of all tasks performed throughout your organization.

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Key Features

360° view of clients and client groups

Better visibility on clients and client groups allows your associates to easily review their mandates in progress, global profitability, and the profitability of specific clients. It also provides keener insights into your clients and their respective connections, as well as the various services that your associates can offer them. By anticipating their needs, you can tailor your offer to exceed their expectations, thus maximizing their loyalty and satisfaction as well as your profitability.

Quick and easy creation and tracking of mandates

Automate the creation of new mandates according to your organization’s specific criteria with a risk management and quality control process. This way, both completed and current mandates are centralized within a single solution for better visibility on their progress and profitability. A timesheet integrated to your accounting system makes it possible to review hours worked on mandates in real time as staff members enter them into the timesheet for optimal visibility on your WIPs.

Various invoicing methods available

Different invoice templates are available and can be combined to meet your clients’ various needs and correspond to the various services offered by your organization. You can modify templates to retain the branding of your organization and select the appropriate rates and invoicing methods according to the situation. Invoice mandates partially or in full and distribute amounts on current mandates and works in progress as required.

Optimization of resource utilization and productivity

Optimize the productivity and utilization rates of your resources with a view on your employees’ availabilities as well as on their assigned mandates. This way, you can better plan hiring to ensure that you meet your future needs while optimizing the utilization rate of your current employees. The solution also allows you to budget your staff’s billable hours and compare them to current hours for better insight into their performance levels.

Timesheets and expense reports based on the Web

The full integration between timesheets and mandate management provides associates with real-time information about the hours worked on their mandates without having to wait for the accounting team to post these hours into the system. The information is calculated in real time as staff members enter their hours, offering associates optimal visibility onto their mandates and WIPs.

Full integration to your financial system

JOVACO for Practice Management is fully integrated to the financial solution Microsoft Dynamics GP, allowing you to manage your entire business from a single solution. Your accounting team can track the profitability of each service and associate without having to input information manually into the financial system. WIP data is updated in real time as it is entered into the system, offering access to up-to-date information from anywhere via the cloud.

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Des avantages pour tous les utilisateurs


An integrated solution allows your accounting team to devote more time to the analysis of your organization’s performance rather than on the manual entry of data and invoices. As such, the risk of errors and double entries is decreased, and your accounting team can spend more time on advanced analysis, thanks to information available in real time.


By automating and streamlining several daily processes, JOVACO for Practice Management increases the productivity and efficiency of your associates. They have access to data updated in real time for clients, mandates and WIPs, offering improved visibility on their client portfolio as well as client profitability. Centralized client data also makes it possible to offer improved service to each of them.

Support Team

Workflows and centralized data updated in real time make it possible to prepare, finalize and approve invoices more rapidly. Different invoice templates can be combined to take into account the various services offered as well as clients’ specific criteria. The support team then only has to validate the invoice and send it for approval.

Human Resources

The HR team can benefit from optimal visibility onto the availabilities and assignments of resources thanks to an advanced resource planning tool. It makes it easier to plan for future needs and hiring while optimizing the utilization of current employees and budget potential billable hours. HR can also manage employee files and track trainings all from the same place.

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