JOVACO Suite for
Professional Services Automation

Make your customers the heart of your business

Make your customers the heart of your business with a specific solution

Customers are at the heart of any professional service firm. Give them the personalized service they expect with JOVACO Suite for Professional Services Automation, a management solution specifically tailored to the operations and needs of professional service firms. Ensure that your projects are delivered on time, on budget and within scope using powerful management tools. Track your projects from proposal to invoicing. Obtain better visibility on your work in progress, budgets and actuals, costs and revenues. Reduce the risk of write-offs and bad debts by speeding up your billing cycle and take advantage of flexible billing methods that can be combined to meet your customers’ demands.

Optimize your resource productivity and utilization rates with a planning module so that all your teams and departments work at full capacity. With an integrated timesheet, team members can allocate their time to the right projects at any time and from anywhere, and full integration ensures that everyone across your company has access to project data in real time.

Why manage your projects with JOVACO Suite?


Gain better control over your projects

JOVACO Suite offers you optimal visibility on the profitability of your projects and the number of hours invested to better monitor their progress, costs and revenues. Time entered by your employees are allocated to the right projects, while rates are automated by task or activity, providing accurate information for easy invoicing.


Manage all types of projects

Create projects with simple or complex structures, with as many levels as you require and include important dates, milestones and targets. Evaluate them with Gantt charts and other graphs to easily visualize your data. Have a view at all times on your deadlines as well as the effort required to meet them, and benefit from the planning module to optimize the utilization of your resources.


Optimize the utilization and efficiency of your resources

Assign a resource or a group of resources to specific activities to optimize your utilization rate and balance the workloads of your teams. Review and track resource utilization by period or by project with a dashboard that also gives insight on upcoming activities so you can plan for future workloads.


Have your project data available in real time

Project managers and management no longer need to wait for the information to be compiled by the accounting department to find out how much time has been coded to a specific project. This information is updated in real time as they are entered by the resources in their time and expense sheet and becomes available throughout the entire system.


Improve your cash flow

With the full integration between JOVACO Suite and Microsoft Dynamics GP, project data is reflected in the financial system as it is entered. This reduces the need for repetitive manual entries, the risk of double entries and errors as well as the time required to adjust and generate invoices.


Empower your resources with the right tools

Empower your teams by providing them with the capabilities to plan, input and review their project details so that everybody can remain up to date on the current tasks and activities of the organization. Resources are kept informed of their priorities and upcoming tasks, and comments and instructions can be included in their timesheets so that they have everything they need to carry out their work.

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Key functionalities

Accurate tracking of projects, budgets and actuals

Gain better control on your projects by having a more accurate view of their profitability and other financial data. Monitor the budgets at each phase of your projects and track costs and revenues in real time as time is entered in the system. Manage change requests and re-evaluate budgets as required throughout the evolution of your projects.

Timesheet integrated to projects and financials

Provide your resources with the capacity to input their time and expenses from anywhere and using any device. With a powerful Web-based timesheet that accommodates your organization’s WBS, they are able to enter allocate their time to the right projects and thus update their progress in real time. Additional functionalities such as the ability to include comments and attachments help the accounting department to finalize billing faster and more efficiently.

Flexible billing capabilities

Combine different invoicing methods (lumpsum, time and materials, actuals to date) for the same invoice or project depending on your various contractual agreements. Have the option to invoice projects in whole or in part and across multiple companies and adapt your invoicing templates to meet the requirements of your different clients.

Centralized financial and project data

Centralize all customer activity and financial data so that it is available through your entire system. This ensures better visibility on the key information for your projects, so you can streamline your operations and ensure that everyone has access to real-time information and has an accurate portrait of current and future projects as well as upcoming opportunities.

Optimized resource planning and utilization

Assign staff members to specific tasks with an extensive planning tool and allow them review their tasks and priorities directly in their timesheets. Gain better visibility on the utilization and the workloads of your resources and teams, so you can ensure that everybody is working at full capacity with and plan for your future needs more efficiently.

Full integration to Microsoft Dynamics

JOVACO Suite is fully integrated to the Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 solutions, so that all changes made in one system is reflected in the others in real time. Client, time and expense data pertinent to your projects is immediately available to the entire organization, so that your resources have all the information they need to complete their tasks.

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Benefits for all members of your organization


The integration of the JOVACO Suite modules to the Microsoft Dynamics solutions ensures optimal visilibility into all your company’s projects, including their health, profitability, budgets versus actuals, costs and revenues as well as a forecast of future results. JOVACO Suite also provides the necessary analysis tools to gain better insight on project performance, and resource, department or business unit productivity.

Project Managers

Project Managets no longer have to ask the accounting team for the key financial data they need to evaluate the costs and other details of their projects. This improves progress and budget tracking, and managers can make faster and more informed business decisions with a better understanding of their projects.


The integration between JOVACO Suite’s modules, TEDI timesheet and Microsoft Dynamics GP decreases the need for manual entries and the risk of double entries and errors, which reduces the burden on your accounting team. Customizable templates and access to up-to-date financial data allow the department to finalize invoices more quickly.

Staff Members

With a timesheet accessible from the Web, staff members can input their time and expenses at any time and from anywhere. The information can be allocated to the right projects, and synced to the financial system thanks to the integration between the applications. Special instructions and comments can be included with the tasks assigned to each resource so that they are always aware of the priorities and the tasks they need to complete.

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