for Project Manufacturing

Manage your manufacturing cycle

Take advantage of a fully integrated solution specifically designed to meet the needs and realities of your company and your industry. Manage your entire invoicing cycle from a single system. Have all the tools at your disposal to ensure complete tracking of your projects and purchase orders, from procurement to installation and including opportunities and sales as well as accounting and invoicing.

At the heart of the solution is a fully integrated process which allows for an accurate tracking of your work orders, operations, purchases and costs. This gives you all the information you need to produce accurate cost estimates, meet your deadlines and budgets and analyze the profitability of your projects.

How can your firm benefit from a solution specific to project manufacturing?


Manage all your operations from a single system

Designed for project manufacturing firms, the solution is both robust and flexible enough to be adapted to your specific business rules while supporting your operations. By managing your entire manufacturing cycle from a single solution, you can optimize the tracking of each phase of your work orders and projects as well as operations, purchases, and direct and indirect costs. This way, you can increase your firm’s productivity and maximize project profitability.


Obtain better control over your projects

Establish more precise schedules and optimize resource utilization with the advanced planning and scheduling (APS) and resource leveling features, which allow you to adjust your planning depending on bottlenecks, priorities and due dates. Ensure that you know in advance how new projects will affect current operations, provide your clients with more precise timelines, and react promptly to any changes.


Take advantage of improved visibility on your projects

Divide your projects into work orders according to each phase to obtain better visibility on their progress. Allocate purchases as well as direct and indirect costs to the right projects, even those unrelated to manufacturing. Take advantage of an integrated data collection module that allocates time and expenses directly to the right project for real-time visibility on your costs. As such, you ensure that all billable costs are invoiced to the client, maximizing project profitability.


Decrease production costs

Manage your entire order backlog and optimize your production plans with an integrated solution. This way, you can streamline your various processes and increase the efficiency of your organization to decrease production costs. Optimize resource utilization and maximize their productivity. Obtain better visibility on your work orders to define more easily the efforts required until project completion. Group together the purchases necessary for your various projects to save both time and money at the procurement stage.

Key product features

Design and definition of projects and work orders

Divide your projects into work orders according to each phase, easily estimate their value, and automate markup calculations. Enjoy increased visibility on the progress of your various work orders and associated costs to close your projects within the agreed timelines and budgets.

Complete management of procurement and purchases

Manage your entire purchase cycle from requisitions to invoicing, not to mention potential returns. Save both time and money by grouping together the purchases for your various projects. Obtain better control on your purchases with the approval process and allocate them to the right projects for better insight into their profitability.

Advanced planning and scheduling module

Enjoy global visibility on your deadlines for better control of your projects and their progress. Evaluate how they can be affected by new projects that are added to the current workload. Provide your clients with precise delivery dates thanks to improved insight into the constraints of your resources and production units.

Integrated manufacturing and production management process

Manage your entire manufacturing cycle with a completely integrated process. Ensure the effective tracking of work orders, operations, purchases as well as both direct and indirect costs. Afterwards, allocate costs and purchases to the right projects in order to maximize their profitability.

Integrated timesheet and data collection modules

Track your labour costs for each work order in real time as they are incurred. The integrated timesheet allows your staff members to enter their time, which is allocated automatically to the right project for optimal visibility onto your costs.

Management and tracking of installations and after-sales services

Even tasks and costs that are unrelated to manufacturing can be allocated to projects, ensuring that they are billed to clients as necessary, for example in the case of installations or after-sales services. It also allows you to track costs for each project or work order more effectively.

Benefits for all members of your organization


The integration between financial and operational data makes it possible to quickly and easily evaluate project profitability as well as productivity levels for both your factory and resources. The automated real-time allocation of your resources’ costs and time offers increased visibility on both individual work orders as well as global operations.

Factory Employees

Staff members can review current and future work orders in order to always stay on top of priorities. The Web-based data collection module allows them to enter their time automatically to the right project from anywhere and at any time via the device of their choice.

Project Managers

Better visibility on project progress as well as cost analysis facilitates change management throughout projects and makes it easier to meet deadlines. It also makes it possible to calculate estimated delivery dates that are more precise while offering the flexibility necessary to react quickly to changes.

Production Manager

The planning and control module offers better control on resource and equipment workloads, as well as on their profitability and utilization. It ensures that optimal schedules can be generated to meet timelines, delivery dates and priorities while considering resources’ constraints. Adjustments can be performed quickly in case of any unforeseen event.

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Find out how project manufacturing firms can benefit from an industry-specific solution

In an environment that moves as fast as engineering to order, it’s important for everyone to have the right information at the right time, both at the financial and operational levels. Make the most out of a robust platform that grows with your business and offers enough flexibility to meet your specific operational needs while providing real-time information thanks to a centralized system.

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