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Timesheets are an integral part of any project-based organization. Speed up your processes with a time and expense application fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

How it works

The TEDI Timesheet, integrated to JOVACO Suite, allows employees to input their time and expenses from anywhere via the web. All information is linked to the project accounting application in real time, ensuring that project managers are up to date on the time invested into a project.

Time and expenses information is automatically transferred and populated in Microsoft Dynamics GP according to the rules of the project setup, which reduces the risk of potential errors and speeds up the invoicing process.

Why should your organization use an integrated timesheet?


Ensure employee productivity

Employees can enter time against different projects, which gives their managers a snapshot of their productivity rates and team performance. Project managers can also access reports detailing activities related to their projects in real time.


Get real-time project information

Project managers no longer have to wait for information to be compiled by the accounting department to know how much time has been coded to a project. Project information is updated in real time as employees enter their time and expenses into their timesheet.


Invoice your clients faster

Thanks to the full integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP, business rules can be associated to projects to calculate markups and costs automatically, allowing you to invoice your clients faster.


Improve your cash flow

Invoices are sent in a timelier manner and additional justifications and attachments can be included within the invoice, preventing write-offs and bad debt caused by discrepancies.


Reduce double entries

By being fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP, all the information within your financial system can be allocated to a project. This eliminates the need to re-enter project-specific information.

Check out our infographic to see the top reasons for a firm in the professional services industry to fully integrate employee timesheets into their financial system.

Key product features

Automated alerts to remind employees to complete or approve timesheets

You no longer need to send individual emails to remind staff members to complete their timesheets. You can personalize and schedule reminder alerts based on different validations and rules to collect all of your organization’s timesheets much faster.

Leave and PTO requests

Employees can request leaves, vacation days or time off directly from within their timesheet. Once the time has been approved by their manager, it is automatically entered in the timesheet for the period in question for greater visibility into staff availability.

Multiple-approval capabilities based on your company and project management rules

Timesheets can be approved by a direct supervisor, project manager, or both! Allow different managers to approve, reject, and add comments to the lines assigned to them. Both approvals can be done in parallel within the same application to speed up the approval process and reduce the risk of delays.

Advanced timesheet functionalities

Include comments and attachments by day or by task so that employees can elaborate on how they spent their time on a particular task. Create recurring tasks to make a given line available every week on the timesheet and avoid having to enter the same project codes with each new timesheet.

Lists of allocated tasks available within an employee’s timesheet

Managers can allocate tasks directly within an employee’s timesheet so that they are aware of current priorities. This also reduces the risk of coding errors as to where the employee needs to enter their time.

Integration to payroll and other HR functionalities

Reduce administrative costs by providing employees with self-service access to payslips and accumulated benefits, including vacation days, overtime hours, and banked time. Leave and PTO requests can also be done within the timesheet application. Managers can then review, approve, and reject requests.

Learn more about how an integrated timesheet can help you improve your invoicing process.

Everyone in your organization can benefit from an integrated timesheet


Less billable time sitting in WIP accounts and more invoices paid in full means a consistent increase in cash flow, thanks to faster timesheet completion and to the additional information that can be included in invoices. This prevents questions and disputes from your clients, decreasing the risk of write-offs and bad debt.


Since project managers have already modified and approved the time, fewer adjustments are required, which means that your administrative team can bill faster and more efficiently. The information is also more likely to be coded to the appropriate project activity at this point in the process.

Staff Members

Your resources are more likely to input their time and expenses more promptly since filling out their timesheet will be less of a burden and less time consuming. They can also submit leave requests and have them approved directly from within their timesheet.

Project Managers

As time is entered more rapidly and the information available in real time, project managers have better visibility into the progress and status of their projects. They can also manage their projects more closely since they can set up their own project-specific approval process.

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