As a renowned Gold-certified Microsoft ERP partner, JOVACO Solutions strives to offer the best solutions and products available. Our offering now includes the cloud-based ERP for SMBs Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. With more than 35 years of experience in the ERP industry, our expertise in the integration and implementation of Microsoft business management solutions ensures clients can leverage the tools of this solid new entry in the Dynamics family.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an ERP for SMBs looking to manage all aspects of their operations and increase their productivity from an all-in-one platform. User-friendly and intuitive, it can be easily adapted to your specific processes and realities, while providing both robust and flexible tools to manage your operations, finances and sales from a single unified system. Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed to help you exceed customer expectations in a marketplace that increasingly relies on quick, efficient, and personalized service.

With a full breadth of cloud-based features, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central facilitates daily tasks and insights with centralized, accessible data and business intelligence tools.


Dynamics 365
Business Central


The Business Central Essentials functionality package offers a wide range of applications, including core financials, to ensure the end-to-end management of your business and optimal visibility on all aspects of your organization.

Business Central Essentials licenses include the following functionalities:


Core financial functionality is available, including general ledger, budgets, bank reconciliation, fixed assets, and currencies. An intuitive interface and business intelligence tools are at your disposal to help you leverage the full wealth of your financial data from a single, user-friendly platform.


Manage your supply chain, keep track of inventory and in-transit items, and ensure an effective flow of goods with robust warehouse management capabilities. Pick items for assembly, production or shipment, transfer them easily from one location to another, and ensure that the final order always reaches clients on time.


Manage the entire lifecycle of your projects: schedule resources, track costs and monitor progress to deliver projects on time and on budget. Business Central provides an extensive array of features to manage all aspects of your projects, including timesheets, inventory, invoicing and budgets.


Business Central offers basic human resources management functionality to manage employee information and expenses. Maintain and update detailed employee records, including contact information, contracts and qualifications, and manage leaves and absences. Group and track employee information based on experience, skill sets, training, and more.


Centralize contacts and streamline marketing campaigns to keep in touch with prospects and clients, close more opportunities, and provide stellar service every time. The built-in integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service helps increase sales numbers and customer loyalty.


A wide variety of additional functionalities are also available to ensure the end-to-end management of your business. Unlimited companies, multi-currency, business intelligence tools such as Power BI and other applications are at your disposal to make the most of your Business Central system and support your current and future business.


The Business Central Premium functionality package offers the same vast functionality as Business Central Essentials, along with additional service order management and manufacturing features, ensuring that your organization benefits from the features it needs at the price point that best meets your budget.

Business Central Premium includes the following functionalities:


Built for organizations offering repair and field services, the service order management functionality helps you provide outstanding service to customers. Manage your services from end to end, including orders, contracts, and technicians, from an intuitive interface integrated to the rest of your operations.


Business Central’s robust manufacturing capabilities let organizations manage and streamline their production. Bills of materials, production orders, capacity, planning, demand forecasts and inventory levels—full functionality is available in the cloud for the easy, efficient management of your entire manufacturing cycle.


Dynamics 365
Business Central


Integrate all your applications

Business Central was designed to facilitate integrations, not only with the Microsoft ecosystem but also with other systems. This facilitates access to your tools and applications, and also ensures the integrity of your data.


Maximize productivity and efficiency

Automated processes can increase user productivity and efficiency, allowing them to complete their tasks more quickly. They can then focus on high-value tasks instead of time-consuming manual interventions.


Improve accessibility and mobility

Users are connected to their information, tools, and clients at all times. As such, Business Central provides the high level of mobility and flexibility you need to always have your answers within hand’s reach.


Adapt the solution to your needs

Highly flexible and scalable, Business Central can be customized without costly developments. It can support your long-term business growth by providing the level of functionality and access you need.


Ensure a high user adoption rate

Thanks to Business Central’s user-friendly interface, users can become familiar with the solution in no time. Your team will then quickly see the benefits of an integrated solution and automated processes, facilitating system adoption.


Benefit from advanced analyses

The integration to Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Dataverse offers almost endless reporting and analysis possibilities. The information is up to date and available in real time, and can be displayed based on different dimensions.

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