As Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialists, JOVACO Solutions has been implementing and integrating this customer relationship management solution since its inception under the name Microsoft Dynamics CRM, over 15 years ago. Our expertise has earned us official silver certifications for Customer Relationship Management and Cloud CRM by Microsoft, and we are an officially accredited Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, ensuring our clients can benefit from a powerful, robust solution deployed to meet their specific needs.

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Make your clients the heart of your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365. It’s a flexible and scalable CRM solution that provides all the tools needed to exceed your customers’ expectations and cement their loyalty. By centralizing key client and account information, Dynamics 365 lets you manage sales, marketing activities and customer service from a single, intuitive interface for improved processes, instant connections and increased sales.

Simple and user-friendly, it offers improved visibility on daily activities and facilitates access to the information required to complete tasks. A wide variety of modules lets you tailor the solution to your specific needs, and access from anywhere via the cloud ensures that you remain connected to your information at all times.


Dynamics 365


With thousands of certified providers and developers, Microsoft Dynamics solutions benefit from a large ecosystem of third-party products and add-ons. Numerous applications are available to tailor Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your specific needs. JOVACO is here to help you find the products that best fit your industry, organizational structure, and budget.

Available on premises or in the cloud

One of the greatest advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is its flexibility. Indeed, it can be deployed both in the cloud or on premises depending on your organization’s specific realities, budget, and structure. JOVACO Solutions is available to help you select the deployment method that will best meets your needs and technological vision.


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Engage leads and customers effectively

Centralized data, mobile capabilities and integration possibilities allow users to quickly obtain the exact information that they need when they need it. This leads to a better understanding of client behavior and solid, long-lasting relationships.


Improve your sales performance and processes

Better visibility on your sales pipelines, client files and past communications facilitates knowledge transfer and file handoff. This improves sales and the level of service offered to customers, ensuring that every effort is made to close deals.


Increase your prospect conversion rate

Streamline your communication and marketing process to keep in touch with clients and prospects. Stay on top of your marketing activities and ensure that prospects recognize your brand with automated nurture campaigns.


Offer outstanding customer service

Increase your agents’ efficiency and productivity and ensure quick, personalized service that will build long-term customer loyalty. Streamline and automate your support queue and promptly address customer concerns.


Optimize the user adoption rate

Simple and intuitive, Dynamics 365 integrates to other Microsoft tools already in use within your organization such as Microsoft 365, offering all the functionality you need from a familiar interface.


Support your long-term growth

Microsoft Dynamics 365 grows with your business. The solution can be customized without costly developments, and a wide variety of modules is available to meet your specific needs.

How much does Microsoft Dynamics 365 cost?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers flexibility and scalability, ensuring organizations of all sizes and budgets can tailor the solution to their needs. Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialists are available to help you estimate the costs of an implementation within your organization.

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