Improve your customer service management with Dynamics 365 Service

Improve customer service management and increase customer satisfaction with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service. This module offers all the tools needed to deliver customer service that stands out from the competition. Increase your agents’ efficiency and productivity and ensure quick and personalized service that will build customer loyalty. Make sure priorities are met according to the terms of your contracts by streamlining and automating the support queue. Give your agents access to procedures, references, and the history of communications and cases so they have all the information they need to answer your clients’ concerns.

The business intelligence tools built into Dynamics 365 Service let you analyze your results and performance through dashboards and visualizations. This way, you can better gauge whether your organization is providing the level of service your customers expect and fulfilling its commitments to ensure their satisfaction.


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Service Benefits

Get to know your customers better

Gain more insights about your customers with improved reporting and benchmarking to better understand their behavior, activities and needs. With this information, you can be proactive, address their concerns and exceed their expectations. Your organization will better stand out from the competition.

Deliver fast, personalized service

Agents have access to all client and case information, including communications and past incidents, from a single interface. Procedures and references are available, and key fields can be highlighted to speed up the process and ensure that all relevant information is captured.

Increase customer acquisition and retention

Engage customers and prospects effectively over the channel of their choice: email, live chat, phone or social media. Empower your customer service agents to be more efficient and deliver high-quality service each time, and forge long-term relationships that will ensure customer loyalty to your brand.

Unify your environment

Automate processes and connect all Dynamics 365 and third-party applications together with a flexible, scalable platform. Customer service agents have everything they need at their disposal to deliver fast and efficient service to customers, reducing your overall costs, training time and the learning curve for new employees.


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Customizations without developments

The flexible platform of the CRM lets you configure the solution to meet your specific needs. It also integrates other Microsoft tools and even third-party applications. Fully customizable dashboards display data based on user roles and preferences, ensuring that everyone gets the information they need at a glance.


Queue management by contracts and priorities

Streamline your queue and ensure that customers receive the service they expect within the promised timeframe. Business rules ensure that incidents are resolved according to the priority and terms of your contracts and support plans. Case transfer is done automatically in case of escalations.


Centralized and easily accessible information

Give your agents access to the entire history of customer communications, centralized and updated in real time across the system. Procedures and references are available so that agents can find the answers they need to answer questions and close cases as efficiently as possible.


Artificial intelligence capabilities

The result of years of work by Microsoft, new AI capabilities offer proactive insights to enhance the customer service experience offered by your organization. Conduct sentiment analysis, guide users with suggested “next best action” and improve case resolution with contextual data to empower agents and avoid escalations.


Self-service and searchable knowledge base

Source knowledge base entries from your agents or community, and allow clients to find answers at their convenience. By letting clients look up answers to common questions, they can better assess whether they require additional support, which frees up your queue and lets agents focus on priority cases.


Evaluation of service and client satisfaction

Customer Voice lets you create surveys with a variety of questions and formats to obtain feedback from customers and evaluate your level of service. Predefined or customized scoring lets you measure performance and provide feedback to your customer service team to improve the experience offered by your organization.

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