Maximize the potential of your system with our GP-CRM connector

Our vision is that of a fully integrated business management system allowing a continuous flow of information between ERP and CRM components. By integrating your Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, you maximize the potential of both. JOVACO’s GP-CRM connector brings together the data stored in both systems, ensuring that users across your entire organization have access to one version of the truth.

By connecting operational details to finances and by centralizing all data, you can benefit from real-time visibility on all aspects of your business. Made with flexibility in mind, the GP-CRM connector can be deployed in your current installations, whether cloud-based or on premises. You can even choose in what direction you want the data to flow: from GP to the CRM or vice-versa, or even bidirectionally.


of the GP-CRM

Combine the strengths of both systems

Our GP-CRM connector offers an easy and quick integration between Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365. This links together a robust financial system and a flexible CRM platform to offer you a versatile, seamless and complete management system from which all your tasks and operations can be completed.

Ensure everyone speaks the same language

By centralizing all data stored in Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365, and by connecting customer details to finances, your organization benefits from a 360° view on all aspects of its business. CRM dashboards and views let you display and contextualize live financial data, providing keener insights into your business.

Support your long-term business growth

The GP-CRM connector integrates key settings, functionalities and modules between Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 without having to recreate entities and links in either system. This facilitates future migrations and maintenance while avoiding typical issues related to custom integrations. The result is a stable solution that is easy to manage.

Facilitate and standardize your processes

Quick to implement, the JOVACO GP-CRM connector provides numerous integration points compared to custom integrations. By ensuring a seamless connection between financials and contact information, the risk of coding errors as well as double and manual entries is reduced. You can then access updated data at all times.




Centralized information

The GP-CRM connector lets clients choose which GP settings and values they wish to integrate to their CRM solution, even those that are not native to Dynamics 365. This ensures that information is identical throughout the entire system, facilitating reporting and entity creation from the CRM.


Up-to-date financial data

Financial values are centralized and recalculated for up-to-date information available across the system. Users then have access to this information from anywhere via the cloud-based platform of the CRM. This ensures they have all the information they need on hand to complete their tasks.


Direction of data flow

You can choose how you want data to flow within your system: from GP to the CRM, vice-versa, or even bidirectionally. For example, accounts can be created in the CRM then pushed to GP. For other entities, modifications made in either one of the systems can be reflected in the other in real time.


Facilitated multi-company processes

The GP-CRM connector ensures clients and suppliers are managed in one single database in the CRM, even if the organization has multiple GP companies. This facilitates multi-company processes as all companies use the same client and supplier database, reducing double and manual entries.


Customizable views and dashboards

The integration between finances and the CRM allows users to leverage the customizable views and dashboards of the CRM to review contextualized financial data at a glance. Everyone can display the information relevant to their roles in the way that best meets their specific needs.


Integration to projects

Our project management solution JOVACO Project can also be integrated to Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 for a real 360° view of your projects, available throughout your entire system. Real-time project data can be accessed and visualized using the CRM for better visibility and timely project delivery.

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