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Improve your processes and increase your sales with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. This integrated platform leverages customer insights to empower your sales representatives and leaders. With streamlined processes and increased visibility on the pipeline, the sales team can effectively engage customers, build long-lasting relationships, and improve their overall performance. The integration to LinkedIn and Microsoft 365 provides the accessibility and insights they need to be more proactive. As such, they can quickly respond to customers and close more deals.

Robust business intelligence tools are also at your disposal for advanced analyses and accurate sales forecasts. This way, you can better identify trends and critical elements to make quick and informed business decisions. By taking advantage of the latest technologies available, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales offers a whole new level of visibility for improved sales performance.


Dynamics 365
Sales Benefits

Track your sales pipeline and forecasts

Keep an eye on the progress of your sales team and on your objectives throughout the sales process. Review your organization’s pipeline and filter by employee or by group to stay up to date on current opportunities. Accurately measure trends, customer behavior and relationship health.

Improve control over your sales process

Never miss an opportunity by allocating tasks, activities and opportunities to your resources and ensure appropriate follow-ups. Analyze and visualize data with advanced business intelligence tools to better identify trends and critical elements for quick and informed business decisions.

Manage the entire lifecycle of your clients

A 360° view of contacts allows your sales team to manage and foster each relationship from prospect to client. Easily accessible client information, including the history of communications, facilitates teamwork and the handoff of case files, improving response to build strong business relationships.

Work the way you want with Dynamics 365 Sales

Personalize the solution to meet your specific needs and realities. Automate and customize business processes to standardize them across your organization. Dynamics 365 Sales is highly flexible, ensuring the solution works with your business and evolves with your long-term growth.


Dynamics 365
Sales Features


Integrated view of customers and opportunities

Sales representatives have all the information they need on hand to engage customers effectively and gain insight from past interactions. Prospects and clients can be managed from a single interface, allowing users to create quotes and orders and easily convert opportunities to clients.


Guided and customizable sales process

An embedded and configurable sales process ensures that sales representatives always know what steps to take next. This process also reduces training time for new employees and can be tailored to your specific needs for increased performance and sales numbers.


Business intelligence and analysis tools

Business intelligence and predictive analytics tools help you gain a better understanding of the behavior and needs of leads and customers. Personalized dashboards and reports provide better insights into sales activities for more accurate sales forecasts, quicker reaction times, and an accelerated sales cycle.


Quick-send documents, quotes and emails

The integration to Microsoft 365 lets sales representatives send documents, quotes and emails without having to switch between applications. Cloud-based applications such as SharePoint and OneNote give you access to all your files and documents from anywhere via the device of your choice.


Integration to LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Microsoft Relationship Sales brings together LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. With better visibility on the networks of your organization and potential clients, sales representatives can connect more easily and build relationships with the right people.


Gamification and real-time monitoring

Increase user adoption and get your teams on board with a gamification solution. Drive sales performance by motivating your reps with team-based contests. Set goals, monitor results with real-time dashboards and provide feedback as needed to ensure that you are getting the most of your CRM solution.

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