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No need to juggle with multiple spreadsheets and documents anymore: JOVACO has developed a full human resources management module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement that centralizes and secures all information related to your personnel. All your human resource needs are handled by a simple, intuitive module that provides all the tools you need to manage the entirety of your organization’s human resources, available directly from your customer relationship management solution.

Certifications, competences, promotions, salaries and relevant dates can be reviewed and updated easily, while customizable views display employee data by skill, location or department. The integration to the resource planning and control module lets you allocate tasks and activities to available resources. The solution also allows you to manage positions, trainings and classes, not to mention salaries, insurances, vacations and holidays.


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Have all information at your fingertips

Ensure that all employee data is easily accessible yet secured with a module that centralizes and organizes all information into complete records. Employee details such as job and salary history, competences, time banks, and certifications can all be accessed in just a few clicks.

Find the right resources for your projects

The integration to the resource planning module allows optimal visibility on employee details and visibility, allowing you to allocate specific employees to tasks or projects based on the criteria of your choice. Better visibility on workloads, turnover rates and availability also let you better plan for future hiring needs to avoid understaffing.

Adapt the module to your needs

Like any other Dynamics 365 module, the human resources module can be personalized to fit your specific needs and realities. Configure role-based security levels to ensure that employee details remain confidential and automate processes using workflows, such as the onboarding process.

Reduce time spent on administrative tasks

Your administrative team has all the information they need thanks to centralized data and the integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP’s payroll module. Wage rates can be automatically calculated according to the activities performed, and details about insurance, holidays, time off and leaves are available for quick reference.


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Resource search capabilities

Find the person most qualified for a given task by searching resources based on skills, languages, experience, or any other criteria. The integration with the resource planning and control module lets you review resource utilization rates, workloads and availability so that you can assign them to a given task or project.


Centralized resource data

Employee details are grouped together on employee cards for quick, easy access. You can review their competences, certifications, job and salary history, work languages and more, and manage holidays, leaves and banks of hours. Data is updated in real time and displayed in an intuitive, user-friendly interface.


Evaluation tools and training

Instructors can track and manage trainings, courses and participants. All completed courses are recorded in the employee’s file for quick reference, providing an overview of their certifications and qualifications.


Staffing management

A streamlined staffing management process helps identify the jobs that need to be filled and manage the recruiting process. Manage applications, track interviews, and create job offers directly from the application record, then create a new employee profile based on the information entered during the application process.


Workflows and customization

Our HR module is designed to adapt to your specific realities. Several customization options let you tailor the solution to your actual needs, while workflows automate certain processes to facilitate tasks. Reports can also be configured to provide key resources with the information they need.


Integration to Dynamics

All JOVACO modules are fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Dynamics GP and Power BI. Thanks to the integration between the HR and payroll modules, payroll data is directly reflected in the employee file. This ensures that all information is always up to date and accessible across your entire management system.

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