Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Pricing

One of the main benefits of the CRM platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is its scalability and flexibility, allowing for businesses of different sizes to deploy the solution according to their needs, budget and long-term technological vision. However, any implementation project involves many variables that can impact costs. JOVACO’s CRM experts will gladly help you figure out more accurately the costs of your future Dynamics 365 implementation.

Software licenses Please note that the prices below are effective as of November 1st, 2019 and are listed in Canadian dollars and on a per user, per month basis.

Base Licenses
Sales - Enterprise $ 121.60
Sales - Professional $ 83.20
Customer Service - Enterprise $ 121.60
Customer Service - Professional $ 64.00
Project Service Automation $ 121.60
Attach Licenses
Sales - Enterprise $ 25.60
Sales - Professional $ 25.60
Customer Service - Enterprise $ 25.60
Customer Service - Professional $ 25.60
Additional Users
Device $ 186.60
Team Members $ 10.20

Contact us for more information and for on-premises pricing for Dynamics 365 for Sales and for Customer Service. Please note that Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation is only available online.


Professional services related to the implementation need to be taken into consideration. The time required will vary depending on the modules, features and functionalities that you wish to implement. In addition to the hours estimated by a Value-Added Reseller, we recommend a contingency of 15% to cover any unforeseen circumstances or changes in scope.

JOVACO offers all the services needed to support the implementation and maintenance of your new Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement solution.

Maintenance and support

In the case of a cloud-based solution, maintenance fees are included in your monthly subscription price, ensuring access to new functionalities, versions and hotfixes as soon as they are made available. JOVACO also offers different support plans depending on your needs and budget. Should you opt for an on-premise deployment, yearly maintenance costs are applicable, totaling 18% of the system list price the first year and 16% starting with the second year.

Available on premises or in the cloud

One of the greatest advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is its flexibility: indeed, it can be deployed both in the cloud or on premises depending on your organization’s specific realities, budget, and structure. JOVACO Solutions is available to help you select the deployment method that will best meets your needs and technological vision.

Get pricing

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement experts are available to analyze the needs, objectives and technological vision of your organization, and to offer a more accurate estimate based on your specific realities.