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Deliver your projects on time and on budget with end-to-end project management: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation provides a single system from which you can manage the entirety of your projects. Achieve predictable project delivery by optimizing resource utilization rates and benefiting from having centralized project and client information. Ensure that deliverables reflect contract terms and meet customer expectations. Streamline and accelerate processes to adapt quickly to changes and customer demands while keeping costs to a minimum.

The integration to other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Office 365, ensures easy communication with customers and internal project teams, while interactive dashboards and reporting tools provide all the insight you need. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, you have all the tools in hand to manage your projects.


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Deliver projects on time and on budget

Manage the entire lifecycle of your projects with a seamless, integrated project management solution. Intuitive dashboards allow project managers to review and monitor all aspects of their projects to ensure they are delivered to clients within the requested parameters, solidifying trust and brand loyalty.

Optimize billable hours and resource productivity

Streamlined scheduling and real-time visibility on resource utilization rates and availability allow you to optimize their workloads and ensure that your teams are working at full capacity. By making more informed decisions you can maximize their utilization to increase billable hours and project profitability.

Accelerate your invoicing cycle

A simplified, intuitive time management application lets employees submit their information from anywhere and at anytime. It is then sent automatically to the appropriate managers for approval and processing. This ensures accurate data entry and timely customer billing, for a faster invoicing cycle and increased cash flows.

Leverage other powerful Microsoft tools

The integration to other Microsoft products ensures that project managers are working with familiar tools, for instance Dynamics 365 for Sales and Office 365. Create your own dashboards thanks to the flexible capabilities of the CRM and leverage the integration to Microsoft Power BI to access the company backlog and workload forecasts.


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End-to-end project management

Plan and deliver your projects on time and on budget with a specific solution that lets you manage all aspects of your projects. Robust project planning capabilities let you visualize cost, effort and revenue in real time for timely delivery.


Real-time key indicators

Achieve predictable project delivery with visualizations of costs, effort and revenue. Critical key indicators allow you to predict revenue, revenue by role and project time horizon to respond quickly to scope changes and manage project risks.


Dashboards and intelligence tools

Thanks to intuitive, personalized dashboards, project managers can review and monitor their projects. They can also approve all time from the same integrated platform. Built-in intelligence tools provide insight into resource productivity rates for more informed decisions and fewer risks of cost overruns.


Resource planning and scheduling

Maximize resource utilization rates and billable hours with a unified scheduling engine that provides real-time visibility into the resource workloads. This makes it easy to assign the most qualified person to the task based on their skills and availability, optimizing utilization rates and scheduling.


Simplified time management

Intuitive time submission option to ensure that data is entered into the system seamlessly. Employees can submit their time through their mobile device, and the time on each project is submitted to their respective project managers, allowing them to track worked hours across multiple projects for real-time visibility.


Scalable cloud-based platform

A unified work environment drives productivity and facilitates daily tasks by automating and standardizing processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation can be adapted to your needs, while your applications and data can be accessed from anywhere via the Microsoft cloud platform, reducing operational costs.

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