Dynamics GP, a proven ERP solution by Microsoft

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a proven, full-service ERP solution offering more than 50 modules to ensure the complete management of your business and finances. Both robust and flexible, it adapts to your specific processes and provides a solid platform to support your long-term business growth. Now used by more than 47,000 organizations worldwide, Dynamics GP can be deployed quickly for your organization to take advantage of its easy reporting capabilities and advanced financial features. Its large active user community also ensures that the solution is in constant evolution. Indeed, it benefits from a large ecosystem of third-party products to meet any industry-specific needs and help you meet your objectives.


Dynamics GP

Starter Pack

The Dynamics GP Starter Pack offers core financials and distribution functionality to businesses. It provides all the tools and applications required for the complete financial management of your organization as well as other day-to-day operations, including human resources and supply chain management.

The Starter Pack includes the following functionalities:


From General Ledger to Advanced Financial Analysis, you have all the functionalities needed to manage accounts, monitor cashflows and generate financial statements. Dynamics GP also supports intercompany and multicurrency transactions for the management of complex company structures, long-term business growth and international expansion.

Multiple Reporting

A variety of dashboards, reports and business intelligence tools is available out of the box to provide improved visibility onto your business. Data can be analyzed and visualized easily in only a few clicks for better insights into your operations and finances, ensuring quick, informed business decisions at all times.

Human Resources
and Payroll

The payroll module handles all your payroll needs efficiently, while all personnel information is centralized and kept secure to facilitate the management of employees. Staff members can access their benefits and paystubs themselves, as well as their profile and skills information to ensure that everything is up to date.

Supply Chain

Inventory, procurement, bill of materials, purchase orders, invoicing—Dynamics GP provides all the functionalities needed to manage and streamline your organization’s supply chain. This reduces overall costs and timeframes so that products are delivered to clients on time, every time.

and Development

Your Dynamics GP solution can be customized to support your organization’s actual processes, and not the other way around. Processes and workflows can be set up and automated, and the integration manager allows you to make the most of your entire system by connecting your various applications together.

Extended Pack

For businesses that require more advanced features, financials can be extended with broader functionality to meet other specific needs.

The Extended Pack includes the following functionalities:

Advanced Supply
Chain Management

Ensure complete control of your supply chain with advanced functionality: distribution, picking, available-to-promise functions, and returns management, to name only a few. Streamlined and automated processes ensure that the right inventory is always available and that items are moved as efficiently as possible.


This manufacturing management module provides tailored functionality, including planning and scheduling based on your specific realities and needs. This maximizes efficiency and cuts down on costs by helping you track and manage your entire manufacturing cycle and offering better visibility on resource availability and planning.

Project Management

Project accounting as well as time and expense functionalities are available to facilitate the operations of project-based firms. Obtain better visibility on project progress and profitability, maintain tight control over budgets and timeframes, and ensure accurate and quick invoicing for improved cashflows.

Customer Relationship

Automate your services to ensure speedy, efficient customer service and response with contract administration, service calls, depot management and preventive maintenance features. This module provides basic CRM functionality to store your contacts and track and assign service calls to the appropriate agents for reliable service and satisfied customers.


Dynamics GP


Better Control of Financial Data

Centralize information, ensure the integrity and accessibility of your data, and eliminate manual or double entries and coding errors. Customizable views display activity, time and expenses in real time, while keeping your data safe and secure.


Real-time Access to Key Information

Stay connected to your data for quick decisions and optimal control of your business. Ensure that everyone across your organization has access to centralized, real-time information with customized dashboards.


Quick, Informed Business Decisions

Take advantage of a wide array of predefined reports to track all activities in real time. Optimal visibility ensures that your management team can make informed business decisions and react quickly to changes.


Turnkey, Scalable Solution

Microsoft Dynamics GP grows with your business and can be adapted to the specific realities of firms of all sizes. A wide range of modules and functionalities allow you to pick and choose those you need as your company and business grow.


Robust Reporting Capabilities

Create your own reports and generate financial statements in only a few clicks. Take advantage of a wide array of predefined reports and graphics to track all your activities and review key performance indicators at a glance.


Long-Term Growth and Expansion

Dynamics GP is built to support your organization’s long-term growth, including mergers and international expansion. Multicurrency and multicompany features let you manage international projects and transactions, and organizations with complex structures.