Have a 360-degree view of all aspects of your business with an integrated solution

Automate your business processes and centralize your data

Microsoft Dynamics business management solutions allow you to manage your entire organization from a single integrated platform. Not only this eliminates repeated and manual data entries and reduces the risk of errors, it also ensures that your employees have access to all the data that they need to perform their tasks quickly and efficiently. Microsoft Dynamics solutions are both flexible and robust, offering a platform from which you can centralize and standardize all your processes, and obtain data updated in real time across your entire organization.

Depending on the specific needs of your business, two options are available to you: Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics 365, or even an integration of both. Microsoft Dynamics GP is much more than a simple financial management tool: it’s a robust application that offers exhaustive functionalities to propel your business. As for Microsoft Dynamics 365, it puts at your disposal all the modules necessary for the complete management of your organization, available from anywhere via the cloud. You can even deploy the two solutions through one another to leverage the strengths of both. Either way, the integrated management system offers you improved visibility on your activities and facilitates access to your information by centralizing it, which increases the productivity of your resources while also reducing costs.

5 reasons
to choose
Take advantage of a familiar interface
Simple and intuitive, Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 integrate to the Microsoft stack of products and to the applications that your organization already uses to offer all the functionalities necessary to manage your business from a single interface. They facilitate data entry, reduce training time, and ensure a high adoption rate among your users.
Customize your solution to meet your specific needs
Make the most out of predefined tools to adapt your solution to your specific business needs. Thanks to the exhaustive customization capabilities offered by Microsoft Dynamics solutions, you can configure your business rules, streamline your processes and automate your procedures and tasks using dialog boxes and workflows to increase productivity.
Bridge the gap between your different departments
Microsoft Dynamics solutions centralize all your organization’s data and facilitate information sharing between your resources. Instead of having to enter information into different systems and then run the risk of having it duplicated, erroneous or lost, everyone across your organization has access to centralized data, displayed in the way that best meets their specific roles and needs.
Adapt your system to your current and future requirements
Ideal for small- and medium-sized organizations, Microsoft Dynamics management systems are turnkey, scalable solutions that grow with your business. Choose among a wide selection of modules those you need to manage all aspects of your organization. Later, you can add the modules and functionalities that you require as your organization grows and your business needs evolve.
Obtain better internal control
Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 are both business management solutions that are reliable and safe. They promote collaboration and information sharing within your organization while also ensuring that your data remains secure. Give access to your resources only to the data that they need in function of their tasks and responsibilities with role-based security parameters that can be set up easily.