Additional Modules for Microsoft Dynamics

Exploit the full potential of your solution

Engage your customers more effectively with these add-on modules for Microsoft Dynamics

A variety of modules are available to fully exploit the potential of your CRM and meet the specific needs of your organization. Optimize the productivity of your resources by facilitating their daily tasks and drive your revenue by engaging prospects and customers even more successfully. As a full-service partner, JOVACO can recommend and implement additional modules best suited to your specific needs.

Marketing Automation
Marketing automation allows you to stay in contact with your clients and prospects, streamline your communications process and create successful lead nurture campaigns without having to commit valuable resources to the task.
The integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM eliminates duplicate entries and makes it possible for other departments, such as your sales team, to know what types of communications have already been sent to your clients and prospects and what might interest them.

Create communications with targeted messaging and calls to action, and trigger different events depending on the response and other criteria. Build email lists, landing pages, surveys and forms in order to follow the buying cycle of your prospects and clients. Automatically launch campaigns based on actions from an email or webform, or even directly from your contact screen.

New to marketing automation? Get started with these 5 steps to implementing a marketing automation practice within your organization.

Field Service
Field Service is a mobile-friendly, cloud-based field service management solution designed to facilitate the operations and increase the efficiency of organizations that offer field services or have resources on the road. The scheduling and route optimization functionalities mean less time spent driving around and more spent offering actual services and engaging customers. Resources can read their messages and view their schedule from the application, get driving directions to their destination, and update their status from anywhere. Managers can use workflows, dashboards and views to manage operations, and tasks can be allocated to resources based on availability and skills to promptly address customer concerns.
Asset tracking, inventory and service contracts can also be accessed and modified, updating the data in real time to improve the services and customer experience offered by your organization.

Watch this video to find out how a leading tire company took advantage of the Field Service capabilities to go above and beyond customer expectations.