Microsoft Dynamics GP for Financials

Complete and efficient financial management

A Complete and Efficient Financial Management Solution

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a flexible and scalable solution that ensures the efficient management of your finances, thanks to a system adapted to your organization’s specific realities. It allows you to streamline your processes by connecting all aspects of your business and centralizing data for quick, informed business decisions. As such, the complete management of your finances can be carried out from one single platform that integrates the processes specific to your organization and evolves with the growth of your business.

Thanks to the intuitive interface and familiar work environment, the solution ensures a high adoption rate among your employees as it can be adapted to the tools they are already familiar with. You can choose from a wide selection the modules that you wish to implement as your organization and its needs evolve. Microsoft Dynamics GP provides all the tools necessary to manage the entirety of your business.

Why use Microsoft Dynamics GP for your financial management?


Better control over financial data

Ensure the integrity of your data by centralizing information and eliminating repeated manual or double entries and coding errors. Customizable views display the status of your activities in real time. Thanks to role-based security, your information is only accessed by the resources that have the required permissions.


Multi-company and multicurrency functionalities

The multicurrency functionality offers you the flexibility to manage your projects in the currency of your choice, either transactional or functional. In the case of companies that have a complex structure, the multi-company feature allows multiple organizations to enter data within a common project to increase their synergy.


Real-time access to key information

Microsoft Dynamics GP allows you to always stay connected to your data for quick decisions and optimal control of your business. Have access to centralized information updated in real time with customized dashboards and ensure that everyone across your organization has the data that they need when they need it.


Robust reporting capabilities

Create your own reports to guarantee quick access to key data. Generate and publish your financial statements in only a few clicks. Take advantage of a wide array of predefined reports and graphics to track all your activities and help your management team make informed business decisions.


High-level, role-based security

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a reliable and safe management solution that improves collaboration and information sharing within your organization while keeping data secure. Ensure that your resources have only access to the data that they require to fulfill their roles and responsibilities.


A scalable solution

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a turnkey, scalable financial solution that grows with your business and can be adapted to the realities of firms of all sizes. Choose among numerous modules those that you need to manage all aspects of your business. Later, you can add the modules and functionalities that you require as your business grows.

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Key functionalities

Complete financial management from a single integrated platform

Take advantage of a centralized platform to perform the complete management of your finances. The general ledger module allows you to manage accounts, monitor cashflow and generate financial statements. The complete integration ensures that information is updated in real time across all your systems for accurate data that is always accurate and readily available.

Robust and exhaustive reporting capabilities

Easily generate your reports to have on hand all the financial data that you need to make informed business decisions. A large selection of predefined and customizable reports is available to provide optimal visibility on your business and a real-time view on all your activities.

Management of fixed assets and automated processes

Microsoft Dynamics GP allows you to track and analyse your fixed assets. They can be grouped together according to various criteria while a variety of processes can be automated to increase efficiency. Mass transactions can also be carried out to transfer, modify or retire certain fixed assets as needed.

Canadian and American payroll module

Manage your payroll internally with an efficient, user-friendly and safe module. Automate payroll processing according to your organization’s specific criteria to offer an improved service to your employees. The module is available for both Canadian and American payroll, providing the appropriate documents and tax codes to ensure that it conforms to government specifications.

Multi-company, intercompany and multicurrency functionalities

Have the flexibility to manage your transactions in your functional or transactional currency. Multiple companies can even be managed from the same application. Companies with a complex structure can use the multi-company functionality to increase their efficiency while the intercompany functionality ensures the management of transactions within the same organization.

Integrated platform and centralized data

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers an integrated platform from which you can carry out your complete financial management. The integration to the other applications that you use allows you to leverage the wealth of data stored across your entire organization. Data is updated in real time across all systems, ensuring you’re your financial information is always accurate and up to date.

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Benefits for all members of your organization


An integrated financial management solution offers the analysis capabilities necessary for optimal visibility on the health and profitability of your various clients, departments and sectors. Robust reporting and business intelligence functionalities provide the management team with all the data it needs at all times, displayed in the way that best fits their requirements.


Reduce the risk of coding errors, double entries and manual entries with an integrated solution. Invoicing requirements and the allocation to projects are automated for an easy tracking of partial invoicing and less time spent adjusting invoices. As such, the workload of your accounting team is reduced, allowing for shorter invoicing cycles.


Streamlined processes reduce back-and-forth communications and requests for information. Data is updated in real time throughout the system once managers have adjusted time, totals and comments. As such, the administrative team doesn’t have to enter the same information twice. Moreover, fewer adjustments are required as the timesheet is integrated to the financial system, facilitating payroll management.

IT Director

By integrating your applications to the Microsoft Dynamics platform, you reduce the time require for updates, migrations and report modifications as all data will be stored in SQL databases. Fewer cutomizations are required, facilitating maintenance and increasing possibilities in terms of report generation.

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