Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Manage your entire sales cycle

Manage your entire sales cycle with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales provides you with an integrated platform from which you can manage your entire sales cycle. All information, including customer communications and order history, prospects and opportunities, is gathered in one system, updated in real time and accessible at any time from the device of your choice. Business intelligence tools allow you to perform advanced analyses of your data and to visualize them in ways that best suit your specific needs. This way, you can better identify trends and critical elements to make quick and informed business decisions.

Automate your reminders and track your sales activities and forecasts, by person or by group. Link important information to your accounts and build reports to better manage your sales forecasts. Accelerate your sales cycle with automated processes that allow your sales representatives to immediately know what their next step is, allowing them to improve their productivity.

Why manage your sales with Microsoft Dynamics 365?


Track your sales pipeline and forecasts

Keep an eye on your sales team’s progress and on your objectives throughout your sales process. Access your organization’s pipeline and filter by employee or by group of employees, so you can stay up to date on current opportunities and engage them when the occasion arises.


Control your sales process more closely

With better insight on your current sales activities, you can easily see whether every effort has been made to conclude your opportunities and contribute to the growth of your organization. Automate certain processes, and allocate tasks, activities and opportunities to your resources to ensure appropriate follow-up.


Grow your business and profitability

Use business intelligence tools and automated processes to increase your revenue while controlling your costs. A customized sales process allows you to increase the number of opportunities and reduce the training time for your sales team.


Engage your leads and customers more effectively

Manage your contacts, opportunities and leads in one single environment so you can gain better understanding of their behaviour and their needs and be able to react proactively. Information about your customers and leads, including communications history, is easily accessible at all times, making it easy to develop solid and lasting relationships.


Increase your performance

Determine which opportunities to prioritize using the solution’s business intelligence capabilities. Analyze large amounts of data to gain a better understanding of the health of your customer relationships and of their behaviour so you can better respond to critical situations.


Empower your sales team with mobile capabilities

Responsabilisez votre équipe de ventes en lui donnant accès en temps réel à toute l’information et l’historique des clients et des commandes ce qui lui permet de mieux cibler ses ventes et ses visites. Ainsi, vos représentants ont tous les outils en main pour démontrer leur compréhension des besoins et des demandes de vos clients.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you have tools with a familiar interface that allow you to better understand and serve your customers to win their loyalty. Download this white paper to see learn more.

Key functionalities

Customer information accessible in one click

All relevant information is available directly on the customer or lead card. Yor sales team has all the data about the company and its contacts at hand, which enables representatives to make quick and informed decisions and better determine the next step to follow. By being able to react in a timely manner, they increase their chances of concluding a sale.

Quick send documents, quotes and emails

Send documents, quotes and email messages directly from the CRM. Templates are also available to allow for quick sends, personalized with the lead or customer’s details. Sales representatives can easily get in touch with leads and contacts, without having to switch between applications. This helps improve their productivity and focus, all while allowing them to build strong ties with your customers.

Data updated in real time and available at any time

Because the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution is deployed on the cloud, your resources have access to all the data they need via the Web, at any time and from any device. The data is centralized and updated in real time across the system. This way, your representatives remain connected to their accurate records and customer information.

Centralized and easily accessible data

Have access to the entire communications history of your customers and prospects. Sales and order data is centralized and updated in real time across the whole system. Everybody has access to key information as needed to answer questions from the clientele, provide outstanding service as well as suggest products and services that meet their needs.

Guided and customizable sales process

Automate your processes and guide your representatives throughout the sales cycle to ensure they are constantly aware of the next time. This process reduces the training time required for new employees and can be tailored to the specific needs of your business. Your representatives are able to conclude sales and agreements faster and thus increase their performance.

Integrated business intelligence and analysis tools

Business intelligence and predictive analytics tools are available to help you gain a better understanding of the behaviour and the needs of your leads and customers. This provides you with more accurate sales forecasts so you can react at the right time and conclude sales faster. Better insight on your sales activities allows you to increase your productivity and your revenues while reducing the length of your sales cycle.

Benefits for all members of your organization


With a global overview of the sales activities, the Executive Director has a better understanding of health of the organization and is able to obtain more accurate forecasts. Integrated business intelligence tools allow to easily analyze complex data and visualize it in a variety of ways in order to make informed and strategic decisions.

Sales Manager

Having optimum visibility on sales activity and salespeople performance allows the sales manager to accurately measure trends, customer behaviour and the health of their relationship with your organization. By identifying and setting up key performance indicators, the sales manager is able to quickly respond to any critical situation and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Sales Representative

The sales team benefits from automated processes that guide representatives throughout the sales cycle and allow them to make quick decisions. The cloud-based platform gives them access to centralized client and lead information, at any time and from the device of their choice.


The accounting department can take advantage of more accurate sales forecasts to obtain a better overview of upcoming financial results and invoicing. An accelerate sales cycle also translates into a faster billing cycle, thus improving the cash flow and reducing the risk of bad debts and write-offs.

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