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Microsoft Office 365 offers a suite of robust and fully integrated applications to increase the productivity of your organization and integrate every aspect of your business. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are complemented with a set of cloud-based tools that improve collaboration, communication and productivity across your organization. Office 365 applications are continuously updated so that the latest versions can be accessed from your desktop computer, smartphone or tablet, ensuring that your tools and files are accessible anytime you need them.

Microsoft Office 365 lets you share, access and sync documents from anywhere, facilitating sharing and improving collaboration. Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces help resources perform all their tasks and operations more efficiently, collaborate on the same document in real time, and stay in touch easily to promote teamwork and increase synergy across your organization.


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Increase resource productivity and efficiency

Microsoft Office 365 offers user-friendly tools for everything from online meetings to file sharing, not to mention word processing and presentation design. Fully integrated for quick access and consistent data, these applications ensure a high user adoption rate and increased productivity.

Improve access and mobility

All Office 365 applications are cloud-based, ensuring that they remain accessible from anywhere and at any time, even when out of the office. Your files and documents are not limited to any one device, providing the high level of mobility and agility that has become necessary in today’s marketplace.

Promote collaboration and teamwork

With access to information and documents updated in real time, users can collaborate on documents simultaneously and share files easily. They also have a view on their teammates’ availability and schedules, and team chats and video conferences ensure that they can always be in touch.

Reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs

Entirely cloud-based Office 365 reduces needs and costs related to hardware and infrastructure. The latest versions of the application are made available both online and on your desktop as soon as updates are released, reducing costs related to the maintenance of your solution.





Obtain meaningful insights from your data with Excel. It lets you create spreadsheets from templates or from scratch, enhanced with intelligence that learns your patterns to save time. Charts and graphs display data in various ways for a better understanding, while workbooks can be shared easily for improved collaboration.



Outlook lets you stay in touch with coworkers and customers alike with email, calendar and contacts, all in one application. Fully integrated to the rest of Office 365 Suite and other Microsoft products, it lets you modify and submit documents such as quotes without even leaving the application for increased efficiency.



OneNote is a digital notebook that lets you take down notes, highlight items, record voice memos, add files, and draw. Your notes can be organized into sections and pages for quick reference and access from any device. Notebooks can also be shared with other users to promote collaboration and teamwork.



SharePoint improves collaboration, teamwork and sharing with customizable, secure team sites. Drive productivity with workflows and automated processes for every device. Share common resources, documents and applications from a common portal to ensure that everyone is up to date on the latest details.



Store your files and documents in OneDrive for quick access from anywhere via the device of your choice, whether desktop or mobile. Files do not take up space on your devices and can be shared with a simple link, while changes made are updated on all devices in real time.



Teams provides a shared workspace that promotes communication and brings users together with group chat, file sharing, meetings and web conferences. Users can collaborate on files thanks to the integration to the rest of Office 365 and third-party applications for increased synergy and productivity.

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