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data analysis
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The business intelligence application Microsoft Power BI is a powerful tool that takes your data analysis and visualization capabilities to the next level, uncovering new insights to drive your business. Dashboards, diagrams and charts are entirely customizable to adapt to the specific needs of your various teams, while the cloud-based, user-friendly interface provides easy access to your data from anywhere.

Here at JOVACO, we’re big fans of Power BI. It can import data from various sources and lets you transform and share it right away, overcoming data silos to ensure a free flow of information across your organization. With its intuitive interface and cloud-based access, Power BI allows every user to leverage the full potential of their data and use it in new ways to make more informed business decisions.


for your

Improve access to information

Desktop and mobile applications with cloud-based access ensure that real-time data is available from anywhere, thanks to dashboards that display information according to your preferences. Ensure that everyone has access to the information they need with reports and drilldown capabilities.

Tailor the information based on user needs

Costly developments aren’t needed to customize the solution. Different views and dashboards can be created to display the data relevant to the user’s specific roles and needs. Users then have a view on key information relevant to their role, and all the tools at their disposal to manipulate it right away.

Transform your data for better insights

Power BI lets you display, manipulate and share data without hiring developers to create custom reports or dashboards. Views and charts transform your information and cross it with various sources in just a few clicks. Link, merge, add or remove datasets and highlight relationships to make more informed business decisions.

Harness the power of your data

Import data from various sources to leverage the wealth of information stored in your ERP and CRM solutions. Thanks to the integration to Microsoft Dynamics solutions, Power BI lets you transform data from both cloud-based and on-premises databases for enhanced insights and better control of finances and operations.




Endless display methods and charts

Power BI elevates your analysis capabilities and uncovers new business insights with a wide selection of charts, graphs and dashboards. Turn lengthy reports into graphic, real-time dashboards and add KPIs to visualize and drilldown to the level of detail you need without having to massage large quantities of data.


Fully customizable views and dashboards

No need to have developers on hand to create custom dashboards and reports. Power BI lets you configure user dashboards easily to ensure that everyone has access to their information at a glance. Users then have all the tools they need to manipulate data, make quick decisions and promptly react to changes.


Cloud-based access from anywhere

As a cloud-based solution, Power BI lets you access your information from both desktop and mobile applications. This ensures that you can view your data from anywhere via the Web, even when out of the office. Your information is always available for real-time visibility into your operations and business.

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