Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 puts at your disposal a suite of robust and fully integrated applications to increase the productivity of your organization and integrate every aspect of your business. Cloud-based and compatible with most devices and browsers, Office 365 can be accessed anywhere anytime from your desktop computer, smartphone or tablet so that the tools you need to complete your work are available from wherever is most convenient for you.

How Microsoft Office 365 can help your business


Increase the productivity and efficiency of resources across your organization

Office 365 comprises a number of intuitive, user-friendly applications to help your resources perform all of their tasks and operations more effectively. From online meetings to file sharing, not to mention word processing and presentation design, Office 365 offers robust tools that are cloud-based and integrated for convenient access and consistent data across your organization. The familiar and intuitive interface ensures a high adoption rate, increasing the productivity of your teams by putting the right tools at their disposal and ensuring that they will be able to start using them efficiently in as little time as possible.


Make the most of the integration to Microsoft Dynamics

The integration to Dynamics allows your team to work with tools that they are already familiar with and leverage their functionalities to increase their productivity and carry out their operations more efficiently. For instance, the integration to Outlook links emails and meetings to contacts within your CRM so that you can easily keep track of conversations as well as future tasks and alerts. You can export data to Excel for further analysis and to quickly update information, and you can also use Word templates for editing.


Centralize your information and easily share up-to-date documents

All your business tools are gathered in one place, making it easy for all members of your organization to access the same data and documents updated in real time. The cloud-based applications such as OneDrive and SharePoint ensure that documents can be easily shared among resources. This way, they constantly have access to the latest version of their documents and data, updated in real time and available from anywhere.


Keep your infrastructure and maintenance costs as low as possible

Since Office 365 is cloud-based, it stores all of your documents and data in the cloud, reducing the need for on-premise hardware and infrastructure. This also makes it easier to keep up to date on the latest versions of the applications as new versions, patches and updates are made available automatically. This way, maintaining your solution is much easier as it does not require costly investments into your infrastructure to ensure that it keeps running properly.

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