Microsoft Power BI

Take your data analysis capabilities

Microsoft Power BI takes your data analysis and visualization capabilities at the next level by offering several business intelligence tools for you to display, organize and share your information. Dashboards, diagrams and charts are entirely customizable to adapt to the specific needs of your various teams, while the intuitive, cloud-based interface provides easy access to your data for more informed decisions and new insights into your business.

How Microsoft Power BI can help your business


Improve access to information across your entire organization

With both desktop and mobile applications as well as cloud-based access, Power BI ensures that your data is available from anywhere and updated in real time, thanks to refreshable dashboards that offer the information displayed in the way that best meets your needs. Drilldown capabilities allow you to obtain the level of detail that you require and display it in various ways for an enhanced analysis of your data.


Tailor the information to the various members of your organization

Everyone across your organization can view the information that they need in the way that best meets their requirements. Different views and dashboards can be created for them to review the information relevant to their roles and responsibilities. Moreover, the information originates from the same database, ensuring that data is consistent across your different departments, which reduces the risk of discrepancies and errors.


Transform your data to make it more meaningful

Power BI makes it easy for you to transform your information using a wide array of views and charts. You can import it from and cross it with a variety of sources, such as your ERP system, Excel workbooks, and both cloud and on-premise databases. This gives you the autonomy to display, manipulate and share data without having to hire developers to create reports or dashboards for you.


Get the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics solution and the data stored in it

Leverage the richness of the data stored in your ERP and CRM solutions. Power BI offers KPIs and dashboards that can be integrated to your Dynamics GP solution, allowing you to visualize your financial data in different ways and measure your performance according to the indicators that your organization favors. The result is enhanced insight, for better control of your finances and operations.

Key Product Features

Visualize and analyze your data with a variety of charts and graphs

With Power BI, you can transform your data in various ways, allowing you to elevate your analysis capabilities and uncover new insights into your business. Transform what used to be lengthy reports into graphical dashboards and KPIs to visualize your data in real time and drilldown to investigate more on specific metrics. The wide variety of charts and display methods also allow your different departments to view and review the data as they need it.

Create and customize dashboards without the need for developers

Easily create and customize your own dashboards without needing a programmer to do it for you. It’s no longer necessary to sort through lengthy reports that have been exported to Excel and then massage the data to get the information that you want. With Power BI, you can link, merge, add or remove datasets and highlight relationships with a minimum of effort to make decisions and react to changes in a timelier manner.

Access your data from anywhere thanks to both desktop and mobile applications

As a cloud-based solution, Power BI makes it possible for you to access your information at all times from both desktop and mobile applications. This ensures that you can view your data from anywhere via the Web, even if you’re out of the office. This way, you always have your information available at your fingertips so that you can get the visibility that you need into your operations and business.

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