Web Reports

Real-time tracking

Convert data into information. The JOVACO Web Reports module provides project-specific, out-of-the-box reports in real time to help managers track relevant project details. Get the right business intelligence tools to track project profitability and resource productivity.

How web-based reports can help your business


Gain the insight you need with out-of-the-box project reports

Project managers can apply filters or perform advanced searches to create personalized views into projects with multiple levels and drilldown fields. They can then save their preferred views and export them as often as they need in the format that they want.


Schedule and email predefined reports

Automatically send specific reports to users according to a predefined schedule. By receiving up-to-date reports, project managers can react more quickly to changes in even the most time-sensitive projects. Stay up to date and on task by creating different alerts and reminders.

More information

How to Measure Your Projects

The different members of your organization often review similar reports but need to have the information displayed in different ways depending on their specific needs. Therefore, it’s important to filter according to various criteria and modify the reports to ensure that everyone gets the data that they need.
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What should be considered when calculating per person profitability

As a professional services firm, the first step to having a better understanding of your organization is to figure out how many hours each employee needs to bill in order for the organization to be considered profitable. However, several factors beyond employee salary and revenue need to be considered to get an accurate calculation.
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