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Along with the apps and tools you need for proper project management, JOVACO offers a full range of services to support your organization through each step of its growth. Our clients benefit from the recommendations and advice of a team of experts for the efficient deployment of their ERP and CRM implementation projects, and are given all the support they need to reach their business objectives.

To this end, JOVACO follows a well-defined approach. It comprises 7 different steps that come one after the other during the implementation project. This gives the project team a better understanding of priorities, processes, and upcoming phases, and our clients have the guidance they need to realize their vision.

The JOVACO Approach


JOVACO makes sure our respective visions fit, but also that our solution meets the client’s needs. If so, the client receives a budgetary estimate at this stage.


A proposal is sent to the client with a preliminary timeline. The project stakeholders and main issues are identified. The project is then officially launched.

Detailed analysis

The client’s needs and current environment are analyzed to better understand their business processes and determine the best way to realize their vision.

Configuration and customization

Any configurations or customizations are completed to adapt the solution to the client’s specific reality. You will obtain your master files at this stage.

Training and tests

The solution is rigorously tested, and any necessary adjustment is made. Users are trained so that the organization can be autonomous in its use of the system.


Once data is migrated, the new solution is launched and can be used by the employees. At the end of this step, the solution is functional according to the specifications defined during the analysis phase.

Client experience

JOVACO offers all the necessary services to ensure the long-term maintenance and support of your system. Should any new needs be identified, this methodology is followed from the beginning to deliver this new project.

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