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Once your new ERP or CRM solution has been implemented, JOVACO stays in close contact with you to make sure your system evolves along with your business growth. Whether you need to add a module, integrate new business rules, or simply review the processes that were initially put in place, we offer a range of consulting services to make sure your system always meets your expectations. This way, you will continuously leverage the full potential of your investment and your resources.

Our team of experienced consultants and developers is available to meet your needs in terms of process optimization, development, reporting, and business intelligence. Don’t hesitate to let us know what your various needs are, and JOVACO will find the best way to meet them!

Our consulting and optimization services

Process optimization

Have your needs evolved past your existing solution? The user adoption rate of your system is less than ideal? JOVACO can identify the causes of the issues your organization is facing, make recommendations to resolve them, and put them in place.

Developments and customizations

You have specific needs that can’t be met by the basic system? Whether you need new business rules, additional fields, custom forms, share your vision with us whatever it may be, and our development team will take care of putting it in place!

Reports and dashboards

Your ERP system contains a wealth of data, and the challenge is most often finding the information you need. Our experts are here to implement the reports and dashboards you need to quickly obtain the data you seek.

Business intelligence tools

Robust business intelligence tools are available to let you extract, manipulate, and visualize the data stored within your system. Get in touch with JOVACO to bring your analytical capabilities to another level thanks to our BI tools.

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