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After the implementation of your new ERP or CRM solution, JOVACO is still available to guide your firm throughout the next steps of its growth. We remain committed to supporting your organization and ensuring the optimal performance of your system so that you can meet your growth objectives and achieve your business vision.

The members of our support and consulting services teams are available to answer your questions, resolve your issues, and make recommendations. We also offer various personalized training sessions to optimize the use of your ERP solution by your employees and facilitate the installation of Microsoft Dynamics GP tax updates. Have specific needs? Don’t hesitate to let us know what they are!

Our post-implementation services

Customer support

You’re facing an unusual situation or have questions regarding the use of your system? Our team is available to assist you, and our support plans are designed to accommodate your needs and budget.

Migrations and updates

As our solutions are constantly evolving, JOVACO remains available to ensure their performance is optimal. We’re here to assist you and answer your questions whenever new features or updates are released.

Personalized training sessions

Take advantage of our personalized training sessions to make sure your employees can fully take advantage of your system and its features. Contact us to ask about our available training sessions and let us know about your needs.

Audits and consulting analyses

We’re available to review your needs after a few years of using your system. At this point, you can choose to add modules to the solution or review processes to ensure the continued business growth of your organization.

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