The deployment of your solution involves different considerations in terms of costs, infrastructure and security. JOVACO is here to guide you: our team of experts is available to help you choose the deployment method that best meets the needs, realities and objectives of your organization, ensuring that your solution provides a solid foundation that will support the growth of your business in the long term.

What type of deployment is best suited for your organization?

Different deployment methods are available for the installation of your Microsoft Dynamics solution to ensure that it is perfectly suited to your organization’s specific needs, structure, and technological vision. JOVACO Solutions is here to guide you through the selection of the deployment method that will best help your organization meet its objectives in the short and long term.

Here is a quick overview of the deployment methods available for the various products we offer:



On premises

Better control with an on-premises deployment

With an on-premises deployment, your organization owns the infrastructure and servers dedicated to your system. The infrastructure is handled and maintained by your organization, providing complete control over the access and storage of your data as well as the scaling possibilities of the solution. This gives you the freedom necessary for more advanced customizations and developments, as well as complete control over the security parameters of your solution.


Flexibility and cost predictability with the cloud

The cloud is known for its possibilities in terms of accessibility and ease of use. No need to think about infrastructure requirements or updates as they are included in the monthly costs and managed by Microsoft. The application is automatically updated, reducing IT costs, and the data storage is optimized and can be replicated based on your preferences. A monthly payment structure also allows for predictable costs, which makes cloud-based solutions particularly interesting for SMBs.


Focus on key aspects of your business with a hosted solution

Own your software and data without having to manage your infrastructure yourself. Work with your current IT vendor or JOVACO to ensure the management and maintenance of your infrastructure and hardware. Two types of cloud hosting are available: private cloud hosting, which means that dedicated servers will be hosting your infrastructure, and shared cloud hosting, which keeps costs low while ensuring the security and integrity of your data.


The best of both worlds with a hybrid deployment

A hybrid deployment lets you have parts of your system in the cloud and others on a dedicated on-premises server. This way, critical data can be stored on dedicated servers to provide more control over data security and access, while other parts of the solution can be deployed in the cloud to keep costs lower and avoid ongoing maintenance. This allows your organization to benefit from the flexibility and cost predictability of a cloud-based solution and the control of an on-premises solution.

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