All the information you need in the same place


Gather your data and applications into a single environment

JOVACO has specialized in fully integrated solutions for over 5 years, most importantly between ERP and CRM systems. Bridge the gap between your finance and operational teams to have real-time visibility into your organization. Centralize your data by linking your operational details to your billing and other financial information. Gather together the entirety of your organization’s information, databases and peripheral applications, and access it all from a single gateway.


Everyone speaks the same language

With a fully integrated system, there will be a single version of the truth across your systems, which can be accessed and updated in real time by all members of your organization. As such, everyone can view, analyze and report on consistent information from a single source. This increases the productivity of your resources by giving them access to the data that they need without having to rely on other teams to get it. In turn, this means fewer errors and delays for more informed business decisions.


A 360-degree view of your organization

Have a 360-degree view of your customers and activities by integrating your financial and operational information. Synchronize the data found within your various systems (such as contacts, price lists, orders, invoices and support plans) to facilitate the flow of information across your entire organization and promote collaboration between departments. Equip your sales and operations with the tools that they need to analyze their information and react promptly to any critical changes. Build and adapt modules to meet your specific business rules and processes, and create relationships between these various entities.

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