Information Technology

Accelerate your invoicing cycle with precise time tracking

Complex schedules, various invoicing requirements, simultaneous projects, rapid growth … These are only a few of the challenges that firms working in the information technology sector have to face. A solution specifically designed for IT firms provides all the tools needed to meet and even exceed your objectives.


Are these situations familiar to you and your organization?

> Simultaneous projects taking place over long periods of time
> Complex invoicing requirements that can include several rates on a same invoice depending on the products, projects and resource types
> Delayed invoices and double data entries caused by non-integrated timesheets and expense reports
> Need to track project profitability as well as costs and revenue in real time
> Complicated time management as tasks are all completed from different systems

Benefit from a solution specifically developed for IT firms


Improve project control

Track the progress of your projects in real time and have a view on their profitability as well as their costs and revenue. Optimize the resource utilization rate of your organization and the number of billable hours, while also accelerating your invoicing cycle thanks to the integration of timesheets to your business management system.


Offer an outstanding service to clients

By centralizing all client information as well as the communications that have been exchanged with them, your resources have all the data necessary within reach to offer a service that exceeds expectations, to track support requests and to stay up to date on the status of clients at all times.


Preserve the integrity of your data

A timesheet integrated to your projects and invoicing reduces the risk of coding errors, double entries and repeated manual entries, and ensures that information is updated in real time throughout the entire system. Specific reports provide key information by project, by department or by client for quick business decisions.


Adapt the solution to your business processes

The customization capabilities of JOVACO Suite allow you to modify processes easily and to adapt the system to your specific reality and needs. Alerts and workflows can help you complete your daily tasks and maximize resource productivity by standardizing the work structure of your organization.

Benefits for every user across your organization


The integration of projects to finaces provides managers with real-time visibility onto project health, profitability by project, client or department, as well as resource and department productivity levels. Various metrics and key performance indicators are at your disposal to review financial data quickly and efficiently.


Invoicing requirements can be automated, along with cost allocations to clients and projects, which reduces the number of manual and double entries as well as the risk of coding errors. The invoicing cycle is also accelerated as a result, decreasing the risk of bad debt and write-offs while facilitating the work of your accounting team.

Staff Members

Staff members can review their priorities and their assigned tasks directly from their timesheet, which they can access from the device of their choice via the Web. Client information and communications are centralized, making it possible to follow up whenever necessary and to stay up to date on the status of client files at all times.

Project Managers

Plan all your resources’ tasks to optimize their utilization and maximize the number of billable hours. Track the project progress with detailed reports in order to deliver them on time, on budget and within scale. Leverage multi-currency, multi-company and interdepartment functionalities to manage all your projects efficiently, regardless of scale.

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