JOVACO Project
Who is JOVACO?
February 23, 2022
Learn more about JOVACO's vision and our products and services by watching this short video! What differentiates JOVACO from other Microsoft ERP/CRM partners is our expertise for project-based firms.
JOVACO Project
Presentation of our Dynamics 365 modules
July 29, 2021
Watch this short presentation of the integration between JOVACO Project and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Three modules allow you to adapt the solution to your specific needs: the project-crm connector, the HR module and the purchase order module.
JOVACO Project
Short Demo: Human Resources Module
July 27, 2021
JOVACO has developed a complete human resources management module that lets you manage positions, trainings and classes, salaries, and more!
JOVACO Project
Project-CRM Connector
April 21, 2021
Grâce au connecteur Projet-CRM, les chargés de projet peuvent accéder à toutes les informations nécessaires pour gérer leurs projets à partir de la plateforme Microsoft Dynamics 365. Visionnez cette courte vidéo pour en apprendre plus.
JOVACO Project
Purchase order module
April 21, 2021
Watch this short demo of the Purchase Order module, fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and JOVACO Project!
JOVACO Project
Short demo of TEDI Time and Expense
February 17, 2021
Watch this short demo of TEDI: Time and Expenses. This web-based application from JOVACO is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP and the JOVACO Project Management solution. It allows organizations of all sizes and industries to track employee time and expenses in real time for faster decision-making and billing.
MS Dynamics 365 BC
Gain quick insights on your clients with Dynamics 365 Business Central
July 11, 2019
Un aperçu rapide des rapports, des données et statistiques qui vous sont disponibles dans Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central pour vous permettre de prendre des décisions rapides, tous les jours et à tout moment.
MS Dynamics 365 BC
Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
March 23, 2018
In this video by Microsoft, see a collection of features designed for a particular role, and know how to get to other features in the application.
MS Dynamics 365 CRM
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Overview
August 9, 2017
Watch this video by Microsoft for an overview of how Microsoft empowers sellers to drive personal engagement with customers.
JOVACO Project
Introduction to JOVACO’s time and expense module
October 24, 2016
Discover the newest version of our time and expense module integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP and JOVACO Project.

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