more than 35 years of success

Operating within an industry in constant evolution, JOVACO has reinvented itself over the years to become the leader of business management solutions in Quebec. We currently offer a wide range of products and services, ensuring our clients can benefit from the best practices and technologies available thanks to robust solutions fully adapted to their needs.

The 1980s

JOVACO launches the first integrated project management solution

JOVACO first appears on the market just as IBM releases its first PC XT and Microsoft unveils its first computer mouse. JOVACO launches the first integrated project management solution in Canada, JOVACO Project Suite, now known as JOVACO Project.

The 1990s

JOVACO develops its expertise

The first Windows operating system and object-oriented programming are game changers, and JOVACO continues to develop its expertise, eventually implementing systems for more than 400 firms in various sectors. As a Great Plains and Microsoft partner, JOVACO now offers clients software with multilingual, multicurrency and multicompany features.

The 2000s

JOVACO becomes a recognized Microsoft partner

JOVACO makes it through the Y2K bug and Great Plains purchases our French version of their software. JOVACO releases its TEDI timesheet and develops a BI practice. We are nominated for the Loyalty Excellence Award and attain the prestigious Microsoft President’s Club on 7 separate occasions.

The 2010s

JOVACO specializes as integrator

Finalist for the Microsoft Impact Awards in 2010 and for ISV of the Year in 2010 and 2012, JOVACO develops its CRM practice and its integration expertise. This allows project managers to benefit from real-time information pulled from the financial system and displayed in a more operational context.


JOVACO becomes a leader in its field

Our clients benefit today from the best technologies available thanks to cloud solutions and continuous integrations between the various products of the Dynamics 365 family. Today, JOVACO means more than 35 years of success, a dedicated team of 50 bilingual employees, and numerous satisfied clients, some of whom have been loyal to our firm for more than 20 years.