Our Team

The name JOVACO comes from the first letters of JONATAN, VALÉRIE and COUTU. When president Jean-Claude Coutu founded JOVACO Solutions in Montreal in 1983, he did not expect that one day his children would be working alongside him. Each bringing a range of expertise and competences, Jonatan and Valérie are now both contributing their respective talents and perspectives. Today, JOVACO’s family has grown to 50 employees, who each lend their unique array of talent and skill to the firm.

Jean-Claude Coutu, CPA

Chairman of the Administrative Board

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By founding JOVACO Solutions, Jean-Claude was the first in the province of Quebec to offer a project accounting solution fully integrated to financials and specifically designed for the industry of professional services. Over the next 35 years, JOVACO has evolved to become a firm specialized in the implementation, integration and development of ERP and CRM systems, as well as an independent developer for a variety of solutions and modules.

Jean-Claude now has more than 40 years of experience in the accounting and IT sectors, allowing him to easily identify and understand the accounting and financial processes of our clients and determine the systems that would best support them. Jean-Claude is still enthusiastically helping organizations of all types to overcome their challenges. He is now dedicated to the development of management solutions that can meet the specific needs of our clients while overseeing the transfer of knowledge to JOVACO employees.

Valérie Coutu, MBA


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Valérie initially joined JOVACO’s team of experts as a CRM consultant, honing her expertise as a specialist of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the possibilities offered by this solution. After having completed an MBA in IT management, she continued to develop a specific expertise allowing her to recommend the best systems and to supervise their implementation to meet the IT needs of any organization.

Thanks to her knowledge and competences, Valerie is able to come up with innovative and efficient approaches to meet the various needs of our clients. She is a key asset for JOVACO and plays an essential role in our constant efforts to provide clients with a complete management solution, whether it be a CRM solution, a financial management system, or a combination of the two.

Jonatan Coutu, MBA

General Manager

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Since joining JOVACO Solutions more than 20 years ago, Jonatan has held positions at all levels of the organization, from marketing and administration to consulting services and R&D. He has been General Manager of the company since 2011, and is tasked with coordinating operations and overseeing the direction of the company’s products and practices.

Over the years, Jonatan has participated to numerous large-scale implementations, thus acquiring an unparalleled understanding of the possibilities available to organizations with the combined functionalities of JOVACO’s and Microsoft’s products and solutions. His in-depth knowledge allows him to identify with precision our clients’ needs, and to guide and support our resources through implementation or integration projects and the development of new functionalities for JOVACO’s products.

Guy Lacoursière

Assistant General Manager

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During his 25 years of experience in the IT and financial management solution sectors, Guy has developed a broad expertise in the management of organizations at the sales and operations levels, namely in the development and implementation of solutions as well as customer service.

As such, Guy has the skills and knowledge necessary to overcome numerous challenges, from improving product and service quality to the daily tracking of client projects. He also works to ensure that JOVACO meets its objectives in terms of profitability as well as client and employee satisfaction. His skills in terms of leadership, teamwork, staff mobilization and decision making are an asset for the achievement of our clients’ objectives.

Evelyne Blondeau, PMP

Director of Consulting Services

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Evelyne is in charge of leading JOVACO’s team of CRM and ERP implementation specialists, while also supervising a variety of client projects. Over the years, she has developed a vast expertise in the management of projects, operations, customer service, and the deployment of IT and financial solutions.

Her ability to lead several projects and teams concurrently, as well as her interpersonal skills and competences, ensure optimal communication and coordination so that everyone is on the same wavelength throughout the entire duration of a project. Evelyne ensures that our projects are delivered on time, on budget and within scale, and as such, her contribution to JOVACO cannot be overstated.

Nancy Dempsey

Director of Administration & Finances

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Strongly focused on action and results as well as client satisfaction, Nancy has accumulated almost 10 years of experience at the helm of operations for an IT firm, during which she has honed her expertise in the sector of medico-administrative solution development. Thanks to her broad expertise, competences and knowledge of management, finances and accounting, Nancy is a key asset for JOVACO Solutions.

She contributes her strategic thinking to our organization in order to solve business issues while also improving process efficiency and achieving sizable savings. Her listening skills, her resourcefulness and her sense of innovation allow her to support our different departments throughout the duration of their projects to help them overcome their respective challenges.

Tania Konczynski, MBA

Director of Sales & Marketing

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Currently Director of Sales & Marketing, Tania has been a member of our marketing team since 2009. She is namely in charge of communications, documentation, and our website. Creative and gifted with strong leadership skills, Tania has developed a solid expertise in management and B2B marketing. She now contributes her business perspective and exceptional competences to JOVACO as a strategic marketing professional.

She also oversees the commercialization of our products outside Quebec, and to this end she has founded our partner program, which allows resellers to provide JOVACO’s products and solutions outside the province. As a Microsoft Dynamics 365 super-user, Tania also has an unparalleled expertise regarding our products and services, allowing her to easily identify the needs of our clients and the solution that will best meet them.